Barbara Walters was raised by the same wolves...

…that raised George “I’m gonna give you a quick massage before slicing the pig” Bush.

I was browsing another board I go to frequently and the posters were discussing the latest shenanigans on “The View”. Take a look at this clip

In what forum is it professional to put a new acquaintance on the spot and ask them if <insert any given physical feature> is real? And then put your hand on said feature and yank on it? I could understand this happening if the feature in question is a person’s claim to fame or is extra outrageous. But that wasn’t the case with Brandy or the other lady. Nothing about their hair should have warranted some scrawny-ass hand to come pawing in it. If she had asked me if my hair was real, I might have gotten mean and asked the same thing about her teeth. The questions are really no different.

A lot of black women are disturbed by Barbara’s seeming fixation on black women’s hair and its authenticity. Her particular touchy feelyness sends the message that she doesn’t treat black women with the same sensitivity for personal space and vanity that she does others. She has demonstrated a certain overfamiliarity that smacks of disrespect and self-entitlement. And I think its extra lame that Star Jones is to be replaced by another black woman, as evident by the color of those who have been selected to “try out” for her seat. I’m no Star Jones fan by any means, but was the only thing of value that she brought to this flock of harpies her race?

Perhaps one day someone will tug on Barbara Walter’s hair and make the sutures holding back her jowls pop loose so that her “real face” shows. That would be neato.

So that’s why they didn’t look at any men to replace Star Jones.

This is odd behavior to me and the me-fascination and grabbiness both smack of privilege and a whiff of possible racial condescension

I have had, in my lifetime, exactly one woman try and rub my hair where it wasn’t sexual or professional hair care. This was right after I shaved it bald one summer. So she gave it a once over, and I indulgent enough to allow that… for a friend. That’s the difference: she was a friend. She still had sense enough to ask first.

There’s a certain amount of overfamiliarity – and maybe this is purely cultural or a personality quirk or a socioeconomic reason rather than racial – with a few people. People you barely know, who get too personal about me too soon. Asking me nosy-ass questions. Rubbing my hair to see what it feels like. Trying to talk like I talk. Trying to hang a nickname on me. I kind of see this as all being an unwelcome intrusion into who I am, and what I’m willing to share about me.

Well, that’s hardly an invasion of space, since it wasn’t even on your head or anything.

Seriously, when I shaved my head, people I’d never met before felt free to touch my head. Drove me up the fucking wall. Keep your sweaty hands of my scalp!

Heh. I guess not, by then, eh?

Babwa’s been getting senile for years. I’ve seen a LOT of people commenting on this-what the fuck, Babs?

I know Star used to wear wigs-I think she has her own line of them-but that doesn’t mean every black woman on the planet does. What is she going to do when Dolly Parton comes on-try feeling her boobs?

I also don’t like how comfortable she seemed to feel with the original lie that she told to her viewers about Star’s departure from the show. She said something about Star being welcome to stay as long as she liked. She never apologized to her audience for this deception. Why say anything if you can’t tell the truth? I guess it’s so common that she didn’t think twice about it.

She used to be a really big deal. Now she’s one of the reasons I don’t watch “The View.”

Cosign 100%!

It seems like The View has been trying to set-up its guest hosts. It’s like they want to start some shit, just so they bring out the Angry Black Woman and stir up the ratings. I don’t care for Monique’s brand of humor, but I’m glad they had her on the show today. She ain’t the one to be messed with!

I didn’t watch the show, but from what I’ve read, Elizabeth–who I usually can’t stand–was on Monique’s side. So maybe she’s not so bad after all.

And I hate that they aren’t even trying to pretend that they aren’t filling the “black” quota. If they need minority representation, why not get a Latina or an Asian woman? Or get somebody who’s biracial or bicultural? I mean…can’t they even try to be less obvious?

Once Rosie O’Donnell starts, I predict the show’s ratings will crash into the abyss. As much as Star was controversial, at least you knew she could play the Devil’s Advocate and not kiss Barbara’s ass all the time. It’s going to be a cloying lovefest with Rosie there. No debating, no stimulating banter. Just stupidity and unfunny jokes.

Joy and Barbara are some no-good bitches.

Nor does it mean every black woman wants to advertise that she is wearing a wig/weave. You’d be hard pressed to fine any female celebrity that’s not sporting some borrowed hair nowadays, yet BW acts like black women are some kind of exotic novelty in this department. Here’s a thought, BW: Just because Star had no problems yaking about her fake hair doesn’t mean every black woman is the same way.

Wouldn’t it have been really embarrassing if Kanita Ray had been wearing a wig and BW had pulled it off? It almost seemed like she was trying to make that happen.

And I share your sentiment, Zoe. We all know what the deal was with Star, so BW’s little charade of magnanimous benevolence looked so very insincere. I especially liked how she made it seem like Star was in the wrong for not fabricating some nice little explanation for why she was leaving the show. Again, I’m no fan of Star, but since when does the fire-ee have to do damage control for the employer who is doing the firing? If Star wanted to be honest, let the chick be honest. Don’t make it look like she pissed in your Kool-Aid just because she didn’t trot out some lame excuse that everyone would have known was a lie anyway. Jeeze. No-good bitches, indeed.

Hell, I just asked for her autograph and she pulled my hair, grabbed my tit, spun me around and pantsed me.

Dolly Parton did? Wow, she’s a spunky one isn’t she… :stuck_out_tongue: