The View today (6/16/06)- Evil Witches SMASH! (Long, gossipy, and damn entertaining)

This morning while getting ready for work, I had the TV on in the background. The show it was? The View. Now, I’m far from a regular or even semi regular View. . . viewer, but it was what was on so I just left it. I swear. :wink:

Oh my, the drama that insued today! Did anyone else catch this?

The gossip sites and magazines have been speculating for a while that no one on the show likes Star (especially Barbara) and that Star hates everyone on the show. Apparently, things have gotten worse as the prospect of Rosie O’Donnel joining the show looms closer (Rosie criticized Star’s “all natural” weight loss). Anyway, now that the background is out of the way, on to today.

Early on in the show, they were doing a news segment and one topic was bridezillas. Star is nortorious for her huge wedding that was sponsored by various groups. Anywho, they all accused Star of being a total Bridezilla and Star started rolling her eyes. Then Barbara made a snide comment about how tacky it is for Bridezillas to get their weddings sponsored (burn!). As they cut to commercial, Star was muttering, “Mortified. Mortified. I’m just frickin MORTIFIED.”

The next guest was some guy from a group that is collecting DNA samples to a database, but they (the group) will tell you who in the past you are related to. It wasn’t that National Geographic Genographic Project, but something sort of like that. Anywho, Star and Elisabeth were throwing fits about how unsafe it is- Star made some analogy about how what if in 26 years the government decides to use this against us? On and on. The guest was rolling his eyes. Barbara was rolling her eyes. Barbara finally said, “Well, I’m the only one who is going to do it, because I think it is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the world” (or something). Star kept arguing. Cut to commercial.

Sandra Bernhard was the main guest - and this is where things got exciting. Sandra made some joke about how Mariah Carey only claiming to be black when it is an advantage to her. Star got pissed and said something about Mariah being a strong black woman. Sandra said something like, “Uh oh! Star is about to tell me off!” Star replied, “I look too cute in my outfit today to even go there with you.”

Someone then asked Sandra what she thought of Laura Bush. Sandra said she thinks Bush is on drugs. Uber Right Wing Elisabeth started in on Sandra for saying horrible things about the President’s wife. Sandra said something like, “Honey, please.” Which is when Elisabeth went off: “Don’t call me honey, HONEY.”

Joy got up from the area and walked off the set. Star and Barbara tried to save the show.

I was entertained.

Star Jones has gotten extremely scary looking since her weight loss. She looks like a scary waif doll or something – her eyes freak me out.


A few other pics

My god – it’s eyeshadow. I honestly didn’t realize that.

Why would someone put on makeup in that way?

Mariah Carey is black?

I’ll never understand America.

Half. Or quarter, depending on how you interpret the IMDb biography on her which lists her father’s heritage as “African-American/Venezuelan.”

Is the hot one still on it? You know, the blond chick?

Halle Berry is also black as is Barak Obama. Despite the fact that they both have white parents and were, you know, raised by whites.

Not sure who is more hypocritical in that discussion: blacks, whites, etc.

That would be the Elisabeth mentioned above. She’s dumber than a bag of hair.

Star Jones is always good for some trainwrecks. The woman is nuts.

she’s hot though. I’m not trying to be funny but I’ve never actually listened to anything she has said.

Mariah Carey is black? I did not know that. I thought she was maybe half Latina or something. Not that it really matters too much in my day-to-day life.

So, there were no actual hair-pulling slap fights, eh? Pity.

re Mariah Carey

Sandra’s joke, if that’s what it is, is not funny. I don’t like when black people play the “not black enough/sellout” card, so I have very little tolerance when a white person–especially one as hideous looking and unfunny as SB–goes there. As long as she’s been a celebrity MC has never denied her heritage. I knew she was black the moment she broke out on the scene.

It’s true that once she broke up with Tommy Motolla, she moved away from that safe “Visions of Love” sound to one that’s edgier and more urban. But that move did not elevate her all that much because she was already a huge star. Her audience just expanded. One could easily argue that her ex-husband had tried to force her into a particular genre box, and once he was out of the picture, she was free to be herself.

Now Star may be exaggerating about her “proud black woman” comment. I have heard rumors about MC downplaying her blackness in high school…even using racial slurs against black people to fit in with friends. This is in the realm of possibility and I don’t think MC–who has shown herself to be a nutjob on several occassions–would be immune to such self-hatred. But this is just idle, unsubstantiated speculation. As much as Star can work a nerve, I’m glad she stuck up for Mariah against that snaggle-toothed harpy. (Actually, if Star hadn’t been there I don’t even think SB would have brought up Mariah. I can’t imagine Barbara or Joy or Elizabeth having much to say on the subject).

I’m not arguing with what you stated, except for the above quote. What exactly does this have to do with her opinions on Mariah Carey? It would be better if she was a hilarious supermodel?

I felt the need to insert a jab at Sandra Bernhard and that seemed just as good a place as any.