Barbra, Alec and Cher....See Ya!

Nemo, here’s a Baldwin cite where Alec denies ever saying such a thing. It seems, yes, Robert Altman threatened to leave us, but no one else I could verify…

I don’t know about the other two but I have a dim memory of the circumstances around Alec Baldwin.

IIRC, his wife (can’t remember her name at the moment) said in an interview that Alec felt so strongly about it that he said he would leave if Bush won. When that hit the press Alec Baldwin quickly said either he hadn’t meant it or that he hadn’t said it (I don’t remember which). It was probably just a casual exaggeration uttered between spouses that shouldn’t have ever hit the press.

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Kim Basinger. There was a European magazine that said she said this. he denied she even heard of the mag. I believe they showed she had spoken to the mag, but there was no proof she said they’d leave. The denial hi thte press right after the report, both well before the election.

What about Streisand, though? Can someone show me where she said, in a very real and legally binding way, that she would leave the country if Bush were elected? Please?

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Oops. Where did that joy-buzzer come from? Sorry about that; must be my shifty Republican nature. :wink:

Must be nice to be able to just up and leave anytime you feel like it, no worries about finding a place to live, a job, money, etc.

I’d like to hear one of these pukes mouth off if they had kids to care for, a spouce, etc. We’ll see how their principles hold up when it comes to getting bread on the table.

Anyone who would leave this country, at this time, based only on the outcome of the presidential election is a moron with too much time an their hands. If you want to talk about principles and what effects you life, then please at least mention Congress, your local government, etc. (All these kooks live in Hollywood, and the whole frickin state is run by Democrats, so what are they bitchin about?

Don’t let the door hit you in your sculpted (plastic sugery) ass.

Oh, you wascally wabbit!

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