Bargain of the Decade

On my way to the grocery store, I pass an apartment complex that, for the past few weeks, has had a large banner waving from its brick fence. It reads:

Peace of Mind, from $999!

Now I call that a bargain. Even the most cash-strapped among us could probably find a way to come up with $999 for peace of mind. It sounds much more promising than most of the agonies I’ve heard described in the relationship, therapist, education, vocation, and intoxicant-related threads on the SDMB, posted by various Dopers in their quests for peace of mind.

I may give them a call, just to ask when they’re having their Meaning of Life special.

Heck, I’ll give you a piece of my mind for a quarter of that!!!


Heck, on the SDMB, folks will give you a piece of their minds for nothing. Most of the time, you can’t pay them to shut up!

…resisting urge to name names…

I’m still waiting for the right offer.

Peace of Mind, from $999!

Wow, that’s much more expensive than Piece of @$$. :smiley: