Barium Sulfate blues

I’m supposed to have a cat scan tomorrow to see why my innards keep bothering me. To get ready for this, I have to drink a giant bottle of Barium Sulfate tonight, and another one in the morning. I’m about halfway through the first, and I’ve nearly thrown up about three times already. :frowning:

Does anyone know what I should do if I really do throw this goop up?

Think about how much worse it’ll be if they cram the stuff up your ass, then take a deep breath and sip away.


I really am sorry you have to do this. Barium sucks.

Well, I finished that one off. Tomorrow will be worse, because I won’t be able to follow it with chocolate, but it will be better because I will have Bob with me to hold my hand.

No fun! I go in for an operation tomorrow, and then they’ll do a cat scan sometime friday or Saturday.

Good luck!