Bartenders: Sex on the Beach AKAs?

A girl I know enjoys the occasional Sex on the Beach–that’s a cocktail, mind you–er, alcoholic beverage. She prefers the version with Midori, but that’s neither here nor there.

Her question is, which I am relaying: is there a more benign, less giggle-inducing name for this drink, which she may use to avoid embarrassment in professional company? One that hopefully most bartenders/waiters/waitresses will be aware of, so when she asks for one they don’t respond with a puzzled look and then, after a moment, “Oh, you mean A SEX ON THE BEACH!”

Any help would be appreciated.

What exactly is the complete recipe for the version that she prefers? Does she order it as a shoot or over ice?

A woman friend of mine likes a cocktail called “orgasm.” Go figure.

On the rocks. On reviewing some recipes on-line, I see that she prefers it “Texas Style”:

 - 1 1/4 oz Vodka
 - 1 oz Midori
 - 1 oz Chambord
 - 1 splash(es) Cranberry Juice
 - 1 splash(es) Pineapple Juice

She actually likes all the different varities she’s tried, and getting any of them by a pseudonym, truth be told, would be a quiet victory for her. With Chambord, without, different juices, it doesn’t matter. Perhaps there is another drink that approximates the fruitiness, yet still has the bite of the vodka present?

In that case, how about these alternatives?

Greyhound (vodka & grapefruit) with Midori

Screwdriver (vodka & OJ) with Midori

Madras (vodka, cranberry & OJ) with Midori

Cape Cod (vodka & cranberry) with Midori

How do those sound?

There are a lot of variations to a Sex on the Beach. The only problem is, the name’s all have ‘sex’ in them, which is what your friend is trying to avoid.

There’s Sex on the Brain, Sex on the Pool Table, Sex in the Red Zone, Sex on my Face, among many others. Then there’s the non-alcoholic versions, like Virgin Sex on the Beach, and Safe Sex on the Beach.

But, if your friend is looking for a drink that is similar to the original, but with a more tasteful name, she might want to consider a Shannon on the Beach, Johnny on the Beach, or Weekend on the Beach.

Shannon on the Beach = Raspberry liqueur, Vodka, Orange juice, Cranberry juice.
Johnny on the Beach = Vodka, Orange juice, Bitter lemon, Orange juice.
Weekend on the Beach = Canadian whisky, Peach schnapps, Sweet and sour, Apple schnapps.

We will give them a shot next time we’re out. Thanks for the suggestions.