Baseball scoring question

The A’s scored 1 run today and Lee of the Indians is credited with allowin gno earned runs. The second inning went like this:

Hannahan grounded out.
Suzuki singled.
Suzuki to second on wild pitch.
Sweeney reached on infield single, Suzuki to third.
Buck hit sacrifice fly, K Suzuki scored.
Ellis flied out to right.

The scoring rules say passed balls can contribute to unearned runs, but Wild pitches do no. So what’s up?

Actually, if you go to MLB’s GameDay page for the game, and look at the 3rd inning (not the 2nd), you’ll see that it was scored a passed ball.

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Thanks, I guess that explains it. Either ESPN live reported it wrong or the scoring was changed and they changed the the earned run in the box score to an unearned run but didn’t change the play-by-play write up.