BASEBALL: Trade Rumors Anyone?

The Boston Globe reported today that the Boston Red Sox are close to a deal that would bring a major, power-hitting National League outfielder to the Red Sox (where he would likely DH) and another pitcher (possibly from the same team).

Anyone know what the identity of this slugger might be? The pitcher? Larry Walker? Mike Hampton?

What would the Red Sox have to give?

Any other serious trade rumors/speculation out there?

Wasn’t there talk of Jim Thome going to the Bosox? What happened to that deal?

“The Yankees better get Cliff Floyd!!!” (WFAN listeners in NY will know that quote:D )

Evidently, Jim Thome will not waive his no-trade clause. He wants to stay in Cleveland. He might be persuaded at the last minute, but I think that the rumor is true - a slugging outfielder might be in the works…

Col: Larry Walker and Mike Hampton
SD: Ryan Klesko and Bret Tomko
Phi: Pat Burrell and Vicente Padilla
Pit: Brian Giles and Kip Wells

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the only somewhat feasible duo would be klesko and tomko, but still pretty unlikely.

Or it could have no basis in reality and be meaningless. I mean, the Red Sox farm system is crap, so they can’t be trading prospects. So who are they trading? The trading team would be looking for someone young, so maybe Hillenbrand? Then who would play third? I dunno, I just can’t see the Sox bringing anyone of any real value in.

I just keep hoping for the announcement that the Angels traded for Thome, Alfonseca or Byrd. Oh please God, let them make a good trade.

Why in the world would trading for Antonio Alfonseca be a good trade? Who would they give up, Dickie Thon and Rex Hudler?

Because Alfonseca is a pretty good reliever. And the Angels need bullpen help. They could trade Schoeneweis in return for Alfonseca and maybe through in a second tier prospect into the deal, as well.

And if we could get rid of Rex Hudler (the worst announcer in sports) in the deal, even better.

Alfonseca’s not all that good of a reliever. The one good season he had as the Marlins’ closer also yielded an ERA over 4.00, I believe. He might be a good setup guy, but I don’t think he’s a particularly good closer. And closers can sometimes be found in the least likely of places. They practically grow on trees.

And Paul Byrd? That wouldn’t be a good deal - he’s notorious for being a lousy second-half pitcher. This is why he’s been with a few organizations already, despite his relative youth. He got off to a great start this year, but he’s tailed off.

Burrell and Padilla are definitely not moving this year. If the Phillies trade anyone of import, it’ll be Scott Rolen, although they don’t want to be robbed. Rumors have had him going to the Reds all year, but the Reds didn’t want to part with Dunn or Kearns (understandably).

Fred McGriff may be available considering the Cubs have a hot prospect (Hee Seop Choi) in the minors that may need space.

Also, I am just curious to see if the Expos turn around and deal off Colon now that they really seem to be falling out of contention.

You really need to keep in mind that 95% of these trade rumors are false, most likely brought about by wishful thinking on the part of the fans of the team that would benefit from that. Being in New York and living with a Met fan, I hear all sorts of completely insane trades that are rumored to be about to go down. About 4 or 5 weeks ago, I heard that the Mets were going to trade Al Leiter to St. Louis for J.D Drew. Nevermind the fact that Leiter is 37(38?) year old pitcher that hasn’t been all that good in 2 years. Why the hell would St. Louis ever trade Drew?? He’s 25, has done well for them, and has the tools to be a Hall of Famer. There was no freakin way it was gonna happen, but the Mets fans insisted it was all but a done deal. Sure. Just recently the hot rumor was that the Mets were going to deal Mo Vaughn to the Red Sox for Shea Hillenbrand. Right. Mo despises the Sox for the way they treated him right before he left, and he’s old and until just recently has been playing like crap. Shea is young, an all star at 3rd, and has a great future ahead of him. But the Sox were going to trade him for an old, out of shape player that actively hates the team. Sure. I wonder if fans of other teams in other cities are anywhere near this clueless.

Oddly enough, just last night I heard from a friend that I consider to be a credible source the following:

Jon Leiber to the Reds

Wily Mo Pena and Brandon Larsen to the Cubs

Nanook, J.D. Drew has been the second coming of Mikey Mantle for a long time and he hasn’t arrived. He is always injured, doesn’t give quality at bats (OK on the batting average, but is weak in the clutch and doesn’t go deep in the count) and just hasn’t stepped up to be a leader.

Some of the speculation around here has been wrapping Drew and Rich Ankiel (head case, lots of potential) together and getting another pitcher for the rest of the season.

The loss of Kile has been hard on St Louis in all kinds of ways.:frowning:

Hey, cards, since my beloved Cubbies are out of it, howzabout they send Jon Leiber to St Louis for Ankiel and Drew? Maybe Larry Rothschild can get Ankiel back on track.

Agreed about Alfonseca not being a great closer. But that’s what Percival is for. No, Alfonseca would be used as a set-up guy, and maybe an occassional closer to give Percival a rest.

As for Byrd. I’d rather have him than Sele. Byrd’s ERA at the end of this year will probably be around 4.00. Sele’s will probably be around 5.00 and with utter crap performances in the post-season. As a bonus, the Angels may be able to get him for cheap due to the current dispute he is having with Royals’ management. I wish the Angels had traded for Colon when the opportunity presented itself, though. Bah. I hate Stoneman.

In regard to the Reds trading for Scott Rolen, the rumor I heard about two months ago had the Phillies sending Randy Wolf and Rolen to the Reds for Sean Casey and Aaron Boone. Interesting.

To follow up on my previous post, this was before the Reds traded Encarnacion to Florida in the Ryan Dempster trade. The thinking was that Adam Dunn would move to first base with Casey gone, leaving left field open for Encarnacion, thereby putting an end to the outfield platoon. I like the thought of Dunn at first base, though. Can anybody say Ted Kluszewski?

Superdude, you guys are still trying to get even for the Lou Brock trade, aren’t you?

Actually, since the Cards haven’t been able to get Ankiel on track and I don’t think Drew will ever play more than 120 games a year, I’d make that trade. If there is no strike, this might be the Cards best chance to go to the series, so I gotta do it even if I look stupid next year (wife would argue that I’m already there).

Don’t any of you realize that none of these trades, proposed or otherwise, makes a bit of difference because--------------The Yankees are gonna win it all YET again.

Not that I give anything resembling a freeze-dried rats ass about it.

One of the most important things to look for in a pitcher this time of the year is playoff experience. Byrd has virtually no experience - he had a decent first half, but he’s already slumping. Sele’s having a bad year, but he has pitched in some big games in the past. That experience is invaluable.

And don’t assume Stoneman didn’t try to deal for Colon; I’m not familiar with their minor leagues, but did they have the prospects to give up?