Baseball: Where to get a kid's Gehrig T-Shirt?

I have Googled a lot and can’t find one - that makes no sense to me. One of those simple navy blue t-shirts with the Yankee’s NY logo on the front over your heart and “Gehrig” and the number 4 on the back. These are, like, official kids’ wear all over the area - but with modern players’ numbers and maybe O’Neill, Mattingly, Mantle and Ruth. I see Munson and a few others occasionally, too.

But no Gehrig? No Iron Horse? Come on!

I took my 7-year-old son (kids’ size small or medium) to a Yankee’s game this year and got him a new jersey - the one I got two years’ ago was way too small. He decided on road grays this time - very cool. When discussing numbers, I started rattling off cool numbers. Turned out it didn’t matter - for roadies, the only number available in his size anywhere (for less than, like, $100 - sheesh) was ARod, which is fine because ARod is amazing.

But as I was rattling off numbers I came to Lou Gehrig - I briefly described his accomplishments, his tragedy and his nickname and my son just latched on. He has decided that Lou Gehrig is the Man - and who am I to disagree? Jeez, if there is a baseball hero to have, he could do a LOT worse than the Iron Horse.

So I want to get him a simple Yankee’s t-shirt - but can’t find one.

Any ideas? Thanks!!

Like this?

All I can find is a Lou Gehrig New York Yankees MLB Throwback Replica Baseball Jersey By Majestic and it’s pricey.

I know this company sells those shirts. However, they don’t seem to have any Gehrig shirts. It looks like they produce various shirts of great players, so perhaps you could call or email them to ask if they have any plans to produce a Gehrig shirt.

It looks like some of their shirts are in closeout. Perhaps they produce a shirt of a featured player every couple of months?

First of all - thanks everybody for the quick replies!

cc - great find - I didn’t see that, but that is exactly what I am looking for…but it appears to only come in Adults M as the smallest size. I will search that site though.

You can also try something like this customizable t-shirt. The rules say you can’t put a retired player’s name and number on a jersey, I assume it’s not a problem for a t-shirt.

Well, you could get a Baltimore Orioles #8 jersey instead since Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game streak. Plus you get the added benefit of not helping the Yankees. Oh, wait you LIKE the Yankees? There is no help for you then. :slight_smile:

All kidding aside there are places you can custom order jerseys with almost any name/number combination. Mitchell & Ness are big in the throwback jersey business, but they are pricey @ $225 and I don’t see kids sizes available. won’t let you order a custom jersey with Gehrig’s name and number on the back in kids sizes.