Baseball Winter Meetings

I’m mildly surprised there’s no thread about it, but here we go.

The first trade of the Winter Meetings involves my Detroit Tigers. They give up Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson. Granderson becomes a Yankee (boo, hiss) and Jackson becomes a Diamondback. Ian Kennedy also goes to the Diamondbacks. In return, the Tigers get from the Diamondbacks Max Scherzer and Daniel Schelereth and from the Yankees, Phil Coke and Austin Jackson. Granderson is a really classy guy and I like him, but he’s a platoon player, for he can’t hit lefties worth a hill of beans. I’m more broken up about Jackson leaving. He had a helluva first half but slid hard in the second half of the season. I think the Tigers were looking to get him out while he had value because of how Armando Galarraga went last year for them (from amazing to very inconsistent this year).

Any rumblings for your teams yet?

If anyone needs me to, I’d be happy to walk down the street and kick anybody’s GM in the groin this week. I don’t have any lunch plans tomorrow, so get your reservations in.

Daniel Schelereth is a really good prospect. He had bad stats last year, but it was a late season callup by a bad team. He’s only 23. I can’t believe the Diamonbacks let him go. Look at his minor league stats.

He is the son of NFL player and ESPN commentator Mark Schelereth.

Anything remotely associated with anything pinstripe-clad should get a punt.

As far as the trade goes, I love it.

Are you disparaging the great Brian Bruney? Third trade of the meetings I believe. I think it was a great trade for Detroit, an okay one for the Yankees, and a terrible one for Zona. I am annoyed however that one of my favorite players will be wearing pinstripes.

Minaya please.

Mets are all over the place thus far, but mostly focusing on hoarding the backup catcher market. There was a Corey Hart for Maine rumor going on that is kind of intriguing. I would like them to sign Sheets (assuming he clears a physical) and add a hitter, or 2, or 4, though there isn’t a ton out there worth adding.

Also of note Gammons is leaving ESPN after the meetings.

I don’t really have anything against my team’s GM, but would you mind planting a boot into Scott Boras’s package? Thanks.

Granderson hit 30 HRs but hit under …180 against lefties. He has speed which makes him a good center fielder but he does not steal a lot. He is still young but a fan favorite in Detroit. We need a reliever since both Lyon and Rodney are not under contract. Hope Zumaya comes back.