MLB: July 2019

The Dodgers are still leading the NL West by a ton. Life is good.

Old thread here.

Crazy weekend for the Yanks and despite an incredible number of injuries they sit in 1st place in the AL and only a 1/2 game behind Dodgers for best record overall. Today is travel/jet lag recovery and then the Subway series at Citifield begins.

Happy Trade season all. It’s July!

It looks like Coors Field is back to being its old, ridiculous self: ESPN article.

A couple of eye-openers from the piece:

Outfielder Charlie Blackmon’s splits:

Home: .462/.514/.992
Away: .236/.272/.382

Closer Wade Davis’s splits:

Home: 9.88 ERA
Away: 0.79 ERA

Maybe they should enclose the stadium in a giant humidor.

Really bad news just hit, Tyler Skaggs of the Angels died in his hotel room in Arlington. Angels are playing at Texas today. He was only 27.

I posted that on the June thread as soon as it came across on Twitter. How horrible. I’m coming up on the anniversary of my friend’s death and he was only 32. It’s just awful to lose someone so young.

The game has been cancelled. No news yet on a make-up.

Way too young.

This is crazy. No foul play? Cause? 27 years old is just awful. How does a young athlete die?

Heart attacks can happen where you least expect them.

Awful news. Reminds me of the death of Darryl Kile back in ‘02…also in a hotel room on a road trip.

Heart attack? Aneurysm? Stuff like that can happen, even to people who are young and seemingly healthy. What dreadful news.

A number of years ago former Jays pitcher John Cerutti, who worked as a commentator for the team, dropped dead in his hotel room of a heart attack. He had appeared to be perfectly healthy and was just 44.

My first thought was overdose.

In June, Aaron Sanchez gave up 36 earned runs in 27 innings, for an ERA of 12.00.

In the entire history of the major leagues that is the worst June a pitcher has ever had*.

    • going with at least 25 innings pitched.

Tyler Skaggs, Yordano Ventura, Jose Fernandez, Tommy Hanson, Nick Adenhart, Cory Lidle, Darryl Kile…all starting pitchers. That seems weird.

Munson & Clemente are a pair of position players who died while still playing.

If you want recent only, Oscar Taveras in 2014 & Greg Halman in 2011 were both outfielders.

There does seem to be a disproportionate number of pitchers though.
Try this listfrom Wiki.

There’s a list for everything. :slight_smile:

Of course, pitchers must account for about half of all MLB players, but in the past 20 years there have been 14 deaths among active players: 10 pitchers and 4 outfielders.

The story on Skaggs in Sports Illustrated online contained the following:

“Skaggs last started Saturday for Los Angeles, in which the Angels lost 4–0 to the Athletics. Skaggs gave up just two hits and two runs, but walked four and couldn’t get through five innings for the Angels.”

They didn’t mention his record that prominently but it’s still a bit jarring to see in a story on a ballplayer’s sudden death.

Reminds me of the gag story sportswriters covering the Brooklyn Dodgers in the '50s dreamed up, with the headline “Entire Dodgers Team Dies In Plane Crash”. The subheading was “Team Had Just Completed 7-3 Road Trip, Pitching Improved”. :smack:


I hope whomever came up with that “funny, funny” headline was fired.

The Dodgers ended last night with a gift of 5 walks in a row to get their 4th walk-off in a row at home. Arizona closer Greg Holland was one strike away from a save when he just…lost it. He walked 4 in a row to tie the game and then his replacement walked Cody Bellinger in 4 pitches for the Dodger win. That was an ugly win, but gift horses and all that.

The Red Sox are only marginal to make the wild card game with their current pitching situation. They plan to make Nathan Eovaldi the closer when he comes back (and good luck with that), but the bullpen hasn’t had enough to close this year anyway. Sale and Porcello especially are still hung over from last year’s parade.

Or, better, Dombrowski will make a move. Wonder how much MadBums go for these days?

I can’t help thinking of Darryl Kile (also a teammate of Albert Pujols, FWIW).

If it’s not too morbid, I see the LA Times has published a list of Prominent Major League Baseball players who died during their careers.