Basque Independence Movement: Will of the Basque People or Radical Extremists?

How many Basques are there in Spain, and do they (the Basque people) want independence from Spain, or is the Basque separatist movement solely the work of radical extremists?

Never mind about the population: I found that in Wikipedia.

I don’t know that there are any firm statistics, but judging from voting results I think you’d have to say there is significant support within the region for independence - and certainly majority opposition to the status quo.

Batasuna, the pro-independence party which is generally regarded as being closely linked to ETA (and is currently outlawed), has received between ten and twenty percent of the vote in the Basque region of Spain in recent elections.

The Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), the largest party in the region, takes a softer line toward independence and many of its supporters would be just as happy with greater autonomy within the Spanish state. But it also receives votes from Basques who want independence but oppose violence as a means of achieving it.