Batman Arkham asylum. What the hell?! Can't do 'ground takedown' with a keyboard and mouse??

‘Ground takedown’ does not appear in the key binding menu anywhere.

When I google it - a lot of forums tell you how to do it with an x-box controller.

I’ve assigned ‘combat takedown’ to ‘ctrl’ and I can do the silent takedown with the right mouse button. But when an enemy is down it says ‘ground takedown - unassigned’ and I can’t do anything but hit him when he gets back up again.

Any ideas???

I did it fine here. I believe it’s cntl + right mouse button.

So, how do I drop down when hangign off something? I’ve just had to come out of the game because batman was unable to drop two feet off a wire fence after me pressing every single key on the keyboard.

I came out, and sure enough there’s no ‘drop down’ on the key binding screen.

And by the way - it’s dumb to have to completely exit the game just to bind or re-bind a key!!!

Right, both problems solved in one go…

I had binded ‘toggle crouch’ but not ‘crouch’.

Turns out the crouch key is needed for both actions (drop down, and ground takedown)