Batman: Arkham Knight announced for 2014


Rocksteady is back as the developer, which is good. I thought Arkham Origins was good but not great. Judging by the trailer the batmobile is going to be a part of the gameplay in some way.

I don’t like Batman’s new costume, it looks messy. I thought the costume in the first two were excellent. Batman looked like the sleek and agile hunter of the night that he is. This and, the suit in Origins, makes him look like he’s going to a renaissance fair.

No Xbox 360 or PS3? Now I’m bummed.

I liked the story and Atmosphere of the first one but I just sucked at the game which made it hard for me to progress the story. I ended up giving up before finishing and never tried the sequels (although I bought Arkham City at a steep discount). I saw the trailer for this though and it looks good.

I’m ecstatic. No need for old tech to hold this game back. Here’s hoping it’s running in EU4!

I loved every other batman game so far, so I’ll definitely be picking this one up too. I’m also hoping they add something new and exciting to the franchise - that might be the Batmobile, but I’m doubting it. The combat has always been good, but they need to freshen things up a bit with new and different mechanics if not in combat then in the stealth gameplay or the storytelling.

Surprise me Rocksteady!

Scuttlebutt - a Gamestop ad - has it that it’ll even be released this year. Love that. Love not having to wait 3 years after a reveal to play something. October 14th is the taunting date.

I haven’t played Origins yet, but I’m glad to see this one is back to the original makers.

I loved the first two.

I’ve heard the plan is to alternate back in forth, to get them out more quickly. Rocksteady just wasn’t ready for a 2013 release.

Also, if Kevin Conroy is to be believed, he’s going to be voicing this one.