Batman Footage From Chicago (Pics & Video)

The new batman movie has been filming about 3 blocks from my house in Chicago. Some people caught some home video footage of the new batmobile driving down the streets. You can find that here. For those of you who know Chicago, the batmobile is seen heading north on Wells and turning east onto Adams. I’m not sure what street the final shot is from.

Also, you can see more pictures of the batmobile on Wacker Drive here.


Oh sweet baby Buddha on a stick, I want one now!

I can’t stop laughing. Something funny just happened.

I was listening to some old school hip hop Mp3s on my computer while waiting for the clip to download, right? Winamp player is in full effect on the screen… Near the end of 2 Hyped Brothers And A Dog’s “Doo Doo Brown” the Batmobile engine’s started roaring and damn near blew out my speakers…See, I thought it was part of the song. I’m desperately trying to turn down the volume and the song goes down but this unstoppable BASS keeps blowing air out my speakers at full force. I click off the song … there’s still bass! I click off the player… there’s still bass!! I finally restore the thread page and see the Batmobile gunning its engine.

I now think that’s the coolest Batmobile ever!

This video deserves more lov’n.

PS, there are no spoilers

I totally agree. I thought the Cafe Batfan faction would’ve been all over this by now.

It reminds me of Frank Miller’s suped-up, rubber-bullet-loaded version from Dark Knight Returns. In fact, I’m betting that’s the inspiration. It’s certainly different from the previous movie Batmobiles, but I like it.

I want to see this movie NOW!