Other movie scens in Batman Begins Spoilers

Night of the living dead.

Early Edition, including the first name of Lucius.

Any more?

I don’t know if it was intentional, but the Batmobile being pursued by an insane number of cop cars was very similar to the chase scene in The Blues Brothers, where the boys sped down the same location before crashing through the mall. (After Elwood traded off the “Bluesmobile,” alas.)

And it’s not a movie yet, but when A Scanner Darkly comes out this winter, a lot of people will recognize a certain blue flower with unusual properties.

I made this comment in the other Batman Begins thread

Here are the links - Cillian Murphy , plthis inspector Crane

I thought the exact same thing when I saw it. The people I watched it with didn’t seem to notice until I said “This mall has everything!”

Wasn’t there a spectacular subway car crash at the end of “Speed”?

And yeah, I thought of the Blues Brothers too during the Batmobile chase.

I don’t know why, but Morgan Freeman’s character in the film reminded me a lot of his character in Se7en, and I think that it would have been pretty cool if they’d some how implied that it was the same character.

You know, it’s been bugging me for a while, and I finally put my finger on why Cillian Murphy never felt quite right as Dr. Crane for me.

The Scarecrow needs to have blonde hair.

What does this mean?

Is the question: “Did you notice any similarities between scenes in Batman Begins and other movies?”

If that’s the question, my answer is: “every movie has scenes that reminds me of other movies.”

The pad in the Himalayas looked like Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle. Ace Ventura. About 3 billion other movies.

The car chase looked like 8 million other car chases.

Runaway subway trains? You want a list? Runaway Train. Spiderman 2. Speed.

Dangling off a cliff? Cliffhanger. Ace Ventura.

The weapons room looked like a bad James Bond movie.

I mainly thought Batman Begins STUNK. If you have a screenplay that shitty, why even get Christopher Nolan? They should have had Michael Bay direct that lump.