Batman v

Help an old lady out. The last Batman movie I saw had Michael Keaton, and Superman was Christopher Reeve. I don’t keep up with Marvel and DC culture. In my universe, Batman and Superman are friends and allies, fighting together for truth, justice and good over evil. So help me explain to my poor confused 4-year-old grandson who saw his first commercial for the movie the other day, why are Suoerman and Batman fighting each other? Help a granny out, Dopers!

DC has decided that the way to go is to load on the “darkness,” and Zach Snyder (the director) hasn’t the slightest clue as to what Superman is all about. And it’s a very old and tired Marvel trope that two heroes fight each other (dating back to the 40s with Sub-Mariner vs. the Human Torch).

The explanation will be the same every other time two heroes fight each other – they were misinformed*. It will always be some sort of misunderstanding, usually precipitated by the villain. At the end, the heroes will realized they’re being manipulated and join forces to go after the villain.


*Or one of them is being mind controlled.

You know, I can’t think of any environment in which one of those two doesn’t have an unfair advantage.

I find it hard to be interested in any Superman movie because an indestructible hero is boring. Batman would need to have kryptonite incorporated into all of his gadgets, and even then I expect him to be hopelessly outclassed. Otherwise he would need to do something villainous like take Lois or Clark’s mom hostage.

At the other end it would be like the last movie with Zod. There isn’t much excitement and tension in watching two indestructible superbeings punch each other really hard. “How hard do you have to punch Zod to kill him? Can Superman figure out how to punch him that hard?” isn’t a very riveting plot. After that episode, I don’t see how Superman fighting Batman would be much different from a missile squashing an ant, and am not curious enough to spend the money to find out.

Well…basically…in the 80’s the universe rebooted, and it was decided that Superman and Batman being The World’s Finest Team…didn’t make much sense.

And I agree. But I also think to get there, they make Batman a huge jackass (I\m looking at you Frank Miller)

“Wait, so this movie is Superman versus Lex Luthor?”
“No, that’s been done a lot of times; this is Superman versus Bruce Wayne.”
“How does that help? Bruce Wayne is just Lex Luthor plus a code against killing.”

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It would work if it it involved a smart villain who requires intelligence on the part of the hero to defeat.

Alas, there are no smart villains in superhero movies these days; it’s all brute force and interminable fight scenes.

Yeah, it began in the comic books with the two having differing philosophies. Superman thinks of Batman as a vigilante and Baman calls Superman the Big Blue Boy Scout. Although they’ve reached a detente. Superman has even given a Batman a chunk of Kryptonite in case Superman goes rogue and becomes a danger to the world.

Not always the case. The trailer makes it look like The Donald Effect has taken over. Wayne hates Supes because he’s an illegal alien messing in our affairs. IIRC, that’s the same reason Wayne has in the aforementioned Dark Knight Returns, but with less xenophobia.

Isn’t that why they cast Affleck?

I think Superman has a serious case of “Why doesn’t he like me??? I’m Superman!! Everyone likes Superman!!” when it comes to Bruce.

If they made a movie in which Superman and Batman teamed up to open a can of whoop-ass on Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna, and their Space Monkey Gleek, now that I would watch.

Now that would not be a fair fight.

Because one Twin would take the form of whoop and the other the form of ass and then it would be equal except there are two of them so that might give them the edge.

And if that Space Monkey is a Chimp…its fracking over for Superman…his face, fingers, and balls of steel will be monkey chow in 2 minutes tops. Then Bat boy gets the same.

Damn good movie though…just damn short.

I think it’s significant that the title is Batman “v.” Superman, as opposed to Batman “vs.” Superman. In the movie, they are going to wind up in litigation.

Oh no. Its going to be like Kramer v Kramer!

Please tell me their child is adopted.

I guess Batman will get stuck with the big alimony bill. Superman must make a pentance as a crappy reporter. And Superman will probably insist on him paying for a gold plated health care plan just out of spite.

At least Robin can be Batman’s rebound fling.

Which one gets the custody of Jimmy and which one gets the custody of the Grayson boy? Will the Fortress of Solitude be sold and the proceeds divided? Hopefully, there was a prenup.

Just tell your young grandson that in this movie Batman hasn’t met Superman and thinks he’s scary because but by the end of the movie he’ll learn he’s not and they’ll become friends. (I assume)

Glorious, not lengthy.

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