Batman vs the Moderators of the SDMB


Well, let’s see.

Clogboy could throw his clogs at him and possibly try and bore bats to death with a soliloqy on various types of automobile/car engines or a discourse on the complete history of the Tour de France.

Ukulele Ike, if he was prepared.

Batman would kick their asses. Though it’s a close call between the mods and Robin…

The mods win. All the time.

[sub]You fools! Do you want to be banned???[/sub]

Just the Mods, or are we counting the Admins as well?

If you mean mods to include Administrators, then I’ve got $20 on Lynn Bodoni and TubaDiva.

Does Lynn get to call in her cousin Vinnie?

Tsk. You fools think manhattan really “retired”…

Bat-boy’s got stuff in his Cray computer that’ll bring down this whole website.

Coldfire vs. Batman? Hell, Coldfire IS Batman!

Who needs a Cray computer to do that? A couple of handfuls of bad Hamster Chow could bring down this whole website.

Aw, there never was any “manhattan.” He was just an urban legend.

Batman could take manhattan.

The Bronx and Staten Island, too.

No, first he’d take manhattan, then he’d take Berlin.

Euty would rush in and save the day - happens all the time.