Batman vs. Walker's hat

Well, actually, I think that Walker: Texas Ranger belongs to The Hat, rather than the hat belonging to him.

Chuck Norris’ main purpose in the show seems to be to serve as transportation for The Hat.

The Hat is big, The Hat is bad. The Hat almost never gets knocked of Walker’s head, and on those rare occasions when it does, The Hat never sustains any real, meaningful damage. Walker just dusts The Hat off and puts it back on his head.

Man, The Hat is tough. Really tough. So tough that I almost believe that The Hat could take on a fully prepared Batman.

So, in a fight, who would win- the Batman or Walker’s Hat?


KITT from Knight Rider.

Oh, come on. The Batmobile could completely destroy KITT just by rolling over it.

Are you drunk?

Nothing beats a prepared Batman :smiley:

Are we to conclude, then, that if Batman were to put on Walker’s hat, he would immediately become the most unstoppable force in the universe?

I think so.

Um… Walker’s hat, if Batman’s not prepared?

But he’d have to cut holes in it. To accommodate the bat-ears.

Still, a holey Walker hat still wins.

Only if he was also wearing one of Kirk’s ripped shirts…

Waitaminnit, I think we’re missing a significant debate here. Namely…

Walker’s hat versus Indy’s hat.

I give it to Indy’s. It’s been beat up all over the world and still comes back every time.

Yeah? Well, what about Indy’s hat versus Oddjob’s hat? I gotta give Oddjob’s hat the edge, here. Like Sean Connery once said, “If he brings a hat to the fight, you bring a hat with a knife!”

But Oddjobs hat is a one-trick pony. It’s tough sure, but stiff. Indy’s hat is more flexible. It has to think on its brim. I think it’d suffer a few scars but ultimately win after getting Oddjobs hat to trap itself in a column or something.

Holy Walker’s hat Batman!