Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

Rather than revive the big Battlefield 3 thread, I figured I’d start a new one to see who’ll be playing the new DLC.

I generally hate map packs, the way games are locked down to prevent user created maps in order to spoonfeed you more paid maps is a horrible trend in gaming, but they did such a good job with Back to Karkand that I guess I’ll bite the bullet.

The new DLC is called Close Quarters and it’s basically BF3’s answer to the COD series. Close in twitching infantry fighting. But hopefully better - with bigger maps, awesome destruction, and more vertical elements in the fighting.

Some trailers: 1 2 3

They cranked the destruction level up to 11 - definitely looks cool. 2 new game modes. Gun game (free for all mode where you start with a crappy weapon, and every time you kill someone you get a better one, first to X kills wins) and conquest domination - which basically just means UT/COD style domination where you have 3 points which change hands pretty quickly and the spawns are distributed more throughout the map.

I generally like the close quarters combat in BF3 - the main problem is that Metro, the map with the most close in fighting, is badly designed, so good map design will fix the problem.

The SDMB crew for the game hasn’t been playing much in the last few months but I’m sure the DLC will reignite interest for a while. The catch here is that you get to start playing tomorrow if you have Battlefield Premium, otherwise it’ll be the 26th. Battlefield Premium is basically a preorder of all of the DLC packs, which they’ll be releasing every 3 months. With some other perks, like having access to DLC 2 weeks early, more camo and weapon skins, server queueing priority, and a few other minor bonuses.

It’s hard to stomach $50 for DLC for a game, but on the other hand, I know I’m probably going to end up getting all the DLC anyway, which would normally be $60, so I might as well just get it all now and get the other perks.

If you end up going the Premium route, play with us tomorrow. Otherwise join us in a few weeks. If you haven’t yet, join the SDMB Platoon and add me to your friends list.

I have upgraded to the Premiere package, although I hate having to pay again, it’s probably worth it for all the additional maps. I don’t know about the whole concept of close quarters. Sounds like it is going to be a knife, shotgun, explosive fest. And how long before people start running around with the DART and USAS? I would have preferred some larger infantry only maps, perhaps some of them at night in an urban setting or something.

Well, having played the CQ maps, I will say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, although it would probably get boring if I had to only play the CQ maps all the time. The maps are so different than the usual Battlefield maps, reminded me more of Counterstrike or Call of Duty really. And I was right, probably the most effective way to get kills is to run around with a shotgun, RPG or noob tube hanging out.

Xbox here, i’l wait for the DLC to come down the pike.

Some things i am finding i dont like about the game, infantry can run out of ammo, but aviation and armor have an unlimited supply.

Would be nice if the tac air element had to land to reload, same with the helo’s that carry ordinance. Want the hellfire or tow missile package on the striker or russian equivalent, you only get five or so rounds and have to rtb to reload.

Dont like the new server route they went, i like logging on for a quick game, dont like admins who seem to think some weapons are verbotten and ban you from their server.

For infantry and scouts, very little access to the vertical element. Unless the building has a ladder, your screwed

I am looking forward to everyone who does get the premium DLC, and your thoughts on it. Far as i know, there are going to be 2 further map packs in the coming year.


They’re definitely meant to be an answer to the COD style gameplay. I like them in modest doses. They’d be good to mix in after a few rounds of the big battlefield maps for the change of pace, but they don’t have enough depth that you’d want to play them exclusively. The level of destruction is definitely very cool. I just wish one of the maps had a single huey at some central helipad that either team could get to or something so that we could go all Immortal Chopper on people.

Now purchasable by the general public rather than a premium exclusive, so grab it and join us if you want to play. Contact me on steam since I only log into origin when we’re actually playing, but not to organize it.