Battles your parents won't give up on.

When I got my own room at the age of 12, my mother told me that I should open my window before I went to sleep. I’m 24 years old right now and I have rarely left the window open before bed. I just simply forget unless it gets so hot that I can’t sleep.

But for 12 years my mom has been coming into my room in the morning and opening the window. She’s always awake before I am. And from time to time she’ll gently remind me that the window should be open when I’m sleeping.

And now that I live on campus (law school) and come home occasionally, she still does this. When ever I call her she’ll ask me if I sleep with window open* and whenever I come home she’ll open the window in the morning and remind me some time later in the day that I should have my window open.

Any other stories like this?

  • I lie and say I always open the window. But really I don’t. The campus is too loud at night and I can’t fall asleep with the window open.

My dad still likes me to have short hair.
I’m a woman. And I’m 40. And I will bet dollars to donuts that he will comment that I need a haircut when I see him in two weeks.

On the other hand, he thinks I cut my 6 year old son’s hair TOO SHORT. (Buzz cut, because he hates having it brushed/combed).

My weight.

It’s not that they’re wrong - I could stand to lose quite a few kilos - it’s just that it’s annoying.

My mom has several points she won’t quite let go on:

–constantly worrying about my being cold, and thus asking if I have a jacket, where is my jacket, why isn’t my jacket on, is that jacket thick enough, etc.

–not wanting me to drive at night. There is no reason for this (no night blindness). other than she perceives night driving to be dangerous, period.

My mom continues to spend hundreds of dollars on the purchase and renewel of domain names. Problem is, there is nothing I can say or do that will convince her that the domains she is buying are worth zero. It has been her intention to purchase these domains to turn a profit later. It’s been over a year since her discovery of this ‘domaining’ thing and she’s not made one cent since. She will continue renewing her domains until she sells them for ‘millions’ of dollars. Believe it or not, some of these domains are about as complex - possibly more complex - as most people’s banking passwords.

Today, I’ve made it pretty clear that if she brings up the topic of domains around me I’m going to walk away and ignore her, as we always end up in the same arguement:
Me-“You’re domains are worth nothing and you’re throwing your time and money away.”
Her-“I’m going to get rich and I’m not giving you anything.”

I wouldn’t call it a battle but it’s a thing they do everytime I see them and i haven’t lived with them for about 25 years, do I have enough reading light and do I need a sweater?

I have to think these are automatic statements ingrained in their brains along with their thinking their kids are stuck in their snotty teens forever.

And they think you are being resistant and stubborn because I don’t need a GD sweater when its pushing 70 degrees outside!

I’m good, really, don’t bother, no Mom don’t dig out a shawl, yes it’s purty, no I’m comfortable like I said, but thanks. And the light is fine, really, I like it just the way it is,oh ok Dad turn it up. Yup that’s good, no I don’t need the lamp across the room. What? yes my eyes are fine. thanks really thanks but I’m good.

I got a really bad highlight job a couple of years ago (bleach left on too long at too high a concentration, hair breaking off at the scalp etc.) so I stopped coloring my hair at all since then, with the intention of getting it back into shape.

My parents are now both totally enamored of my natural color, and insist that I should never color it again. To the point that it comes up in conversation when we’re discussing other things. “I really really love your color…I really don’t think you should touch it…I really like it just the way it is…”

Um…a 4-months-out-of-beauty-school chick fried my hair…it doesn’t mean I’m not going to get highlights again this summer, now that my hair is long and healthy again. I’m sorry, but I think “medium reddish-brown” is a rather dull color, and I miss the damn highlights! And it’s MY hair!

I just know I’m gonna hear about it.

Btw, OP, what exactly is your mother’s reasoning behind leaving the window open…?

My college roommate - whose parents were Austrian, I don;t know if that figures in or not – were also crazy about having the windows open. I think it’s supposed to be “bad for your lungs” if it gets “stuffy.”

More likely, the habit has a historical origin in heating sources that gave off a lot of carbon monoxide. If you didn’t leave the window open you might wake up dead. They don’t seem to think of it that way, though. Just keep repeating “how bad for your lungs” it is, if it gets “stuffy.”

They’ve given up on the small stuff now. Of the big three (when are you getting married, when are you having children, when will you be a Christian again), marriage took care of the first, age took the second off the board, and the third will last until they are dead or I am, whichever comes first.

Oh, man.

“Stop shoplifting. Stop shooting herion. Stop mudering prostitutes and burying them under your floorboards.”

It’s like they’re a broken fucking record.

Way back in maybe 1984 or so, I was visiting my parents over the holidays. My mom asked me what kind of soda I liked, and I said that I liked caffeine-free non-diet Coke. I’ve stopped liking it sometime during the Bush administration. Uh, the first one, that is. And I’ve told my mother so. Needless to say, every time I visit, there is a case of the stuff bought just for me.

The hair thing. It will never stop. If it’s short, it’s no good. if it’s long it’s no good. I am so tired of hearing it. I just keep it how I like it.

You too? Damn, I thought that was just my mom.

My mom hates, hates that I work outside the home and have my children in child care. Every time I see her, it’s, “So, when you quit your job…” or the more direct, “When will you stop working?” Yeah, I’m not a huge fan that I’m working full time, but at the same time, we could use the double income and if I quit for a few years and try to come back, I will have to start at the rock bottom. And I can’t do this job part time.

My mom also thinks my cooking is “too healthy.” Don’t get me wrong - she thinks I’m fat and tells me so to my face - but at the same time, she also tells me that my food would taste oh-so-much better if I used a little cream instead of milk, or full-fat yogurt instead of low-fat. Can’t win for losing on that one.

It will get too stuffy if the window is closed.

Don’t drive on the railroad tracks…

Sheesh, been doing it since forever and I’m fine!

Me too. I know I need to lose weight, but it doesn’t have to be mentioned in EVERY conversation, mom. I’m 42, I can take care of myself.

My mom does something similar. I moved from Texas to New York several years ago and only in the last 2 or 3 months has she stopped using the phrase, “When you move back to Texas…” in conversation. I had to get engaged and move in with my fiance before she would acknowledge that I am staying here, and even then I would not be surprised if she started saying, “When you and Mr. pbbth move to Texas…”:smack:

When I was a kid I was near sighted. Whenever my Mom saw me reading she’d say “Put your glasses on!” and I’d explain that I needed my glasses for distance, not reading. Since I hit 50 I see better far away and not so well close up. Now whenever my Mom sees me watching TV she says “Put your glasses on!” and I have to explain… sigh

Mom when she comes over to visit: “Are you getting enough to eat?”

Me (205lbs 5’8) staring at her: “Um, yeah ma.”