Battlestar Galactica 4.6 - "Escape Velocity" (spoilers ho)

The scene with Baltar trying to get into the commune was interesting. From his point of view, we see Head6 picking him up off the floor. From everyone else’s point of view, we see a strangely contorted Baltar getting up off the floor, as if lifted by an invisible person.

Dang, I hope they clear up my confusion about Head6 some day.

If they spent so much time on the religion aspect, religious crap it must be rather important to the plot. That indicates to me some crappy spiritual ending rather than the humans outwitting the toasters, or even better arriving at Earth to find NCC 1701 in orbit to blow the Cylons away.

I look at it as something akin to the John Crichton/Scorpius/Harvey situation from Farscape

John has Wormhole knowledge in his head, implanted by the Ancients, Scorpy wants that knowledge so he can create Wormhole weapons and use it to destroy the Scarran Empire, so Scorpy implants a Bio-Neural chip that contains a mental clone of his personality into John’s head to extract the wormhole knowledge, Chip-Scorpy is supposed to stay hidden, but somehow, John’s subconscious is able to interact with him…

John eventually gets the chip removed, but an echo, an imprint of Chip-Scorpy remains in John’s head, John is more able to directly interact with this echo, a Neural Clone of Chip Scorpy, John dubs the clone “Harvey” (after the Invisible Rabbit of the same name)

Chip Scorpy was singleminded, occasionally possesing John, and preventing him from killing Scorpy, the NC started out this way, but through extended interaction with John, his memories, and his personality, Harvey developed his own personality, a strange mix of Scorpy’s scientific intelligence and John’s offbeat sense of humor, after a time, John began to, if not outright trust Harvey, to at least tolerate him, and to be fair, Harvey did work to save John’s life many times, sometimes even working against Scorpy

I see HeadSix as Balty’s version of Harvey, maybe Balty did have a neural chip in his brain, maybe he still does, maybe not, but HeadSix has more in common with him due to her interaction with Balty’s memories and experience than she does with any “hardware” based Six, HeadSix is a Neural Clone of Six

I never watched Farscape.
No idea what you are talking about. You act like it was Trek or something. :slight_smile:

I liked that, during Baltar’s sermon, there’s his Six in the background… smiling down at Tory.

Also very interesting, that of the people we’ve seen who have seem-to-be-reality hallucinations:

  • Caprica Six, who’s seen her Baltar-in-her-head. a Cylon.
  • Saul Tigh, who’s seen himself shoot Adama, and is now seeing his dead wife. a Cylon.
  • Galen Tyrol, who’s just hallucinated Adama calling him a Cylon. a Cylon.
  • and Gaius Baltar, who’s had more hallucinations than all the rest of 'em put together. a … human? Cylon #7?

Tory manipulated Baltar into his new religious mantra, everyone is perfect, while in bed with him. Don’t really know where that’s going.

When Roslin went to visit Baltar in the brig, did anyone else think she was going to ask for a healing? Wonder if that is how they will keep her from dying this time.

Really? I thought it was riveting. I was literally chewing on my knuckles during the Chief’s meltdown in the bar.

And that moment of FX eye candy, too, with the suited pilot moseying along the landing deck, was pretty cool. I love that the producers keep finding new things in the world to show us.

Gonna watch it again before commenting further.

I would have expected flight-deck safety rules to prevent that.

Adama overreacted to Tyrol’s drunken rant about having had to settle for Callie due to the shortage of hot chicks on the Exodus. He was off the clock, not doing or even talking about Fleet matters or anything to do with his job in it, and was in the early stages of grief. Adama should have just let him alone, or cajoled him back to his quarters to sober up, or at least found a damn day-care provider for the rugrat. Busting him was a major misjudgment.

All Tyrol did at the funeral was grab Tigh’s and Tory’s arms, right?

Yep, C6 is frakking Tigh (looks like she’s into the rough stuff, too - hope they agree on a safe word), and she’s going to find out who he really is soon enough.

“Being a Cylon means you never have to say you’re sorry. Or simply being a monotheist - you’re not just forgiven, you’re perfect.”

Any notions on why the Cult of Baltar has taken root almost entirely among single mothers? Is there such a shortage of hot guys on the Exodus too that he looks good to them?

Are you saying Baltar is not hot?

Speaking as a straight guy: No. :smiley:

Did anyone notice the council member saying something about colonial Mithras cultists?

  So the cylons aren't the only monotheists in the game?  A brief, but interesting statement.

Yep. I took a hint from an earlier BSG thread, turned on the closed captions, and read the Geminon delegate’s mention of “Mithrasists” being suppressed by the Emergency Order too.

*Very * nice speech from Roslin about “I’m dying and I don’t give a shit about the rules anymore”. McDonnell has been getting some juicy good scenes lately.

Did anyone else notice the scene when Tory & Tigh confront Tyrol in his quarters after the funeral? The baby is crying, and Tigh says, “Are you gonna deal with that kid?” Tyrol distractedly replies, “He probably needs to be changed.” Tigh says “All right”, walks off camera, and the kid stops crying. Given that we see the baby alive & well later in the episode, I can only assume Tigh changed his diaper. Saul Tigh, babysitter extraordinaire.

If the raider identified Anders as a cylon, doesn’t Six know that Tigh is a fellow traveler, as it were?

Even if the skinjobs know everything the Raiders do, the only one of the Five they’d know about is Anders. But they haven’t mentioned him at all, not that we’ve seen.

I’ll stick with the analogy that the Raiders are like dogs - they can hear and smell things humans are not even aware of, but lack intelligence on the same scale. They are intensely loyal to their “masters” nonetheless, and won’t turn on any of them.
Tigh knows Nick is half-Cylon, almost one of The Club, and must feel some small obligation toward him. Or maybe he can’t take the damn crying either. Hell, Tory saved him, let Tory take care of him, I say.

I was thoroughly bored with this episode. I want to see some plot advancement NOW.

I’m kinda tired of this show, alas.

I don’t want to whine about it, but I have a terrible fear that “Baltar as Messiah” was plot advancement.

Yeah, rather than killing the kid, we can hear Tigh in the background making soothing parenty noises at Nicky (I watch with the sound turned way up). I thought it was cute, considering that Saul and Ellen never had kids (that I recall, anyways). But he did originally look at Tory first, obviously expecting her to do it. :smiley:

I really liked the conversation in Tyrol’s quarters, with Tight and Tory pulling him in opposite directions.

Tigh: Be a man! Feel your pain!
Tory: We’re cylons, we’re perfect - you can shut that pain down.

Those two have each made their decision about whether to be human or Cylons - in their heads, at least - and it’ll be interesting to see how Tyrol comes down.

And yet Tigh goes to visit Six, asking, “Hey, y’know, about this whole pain-shutting-down thing…”