Battlestar Galactica 4.8 - "Faith" (here there be spoilers)

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I don’t know if anybody listens to Ron Moore’s podcast commentaries, but in the last one, he saidPope Urban VIII.

Okay. New episode tonight.

Here’s the preview. While unspecific as to meaning, it’s pretty spoilery with setting and incident, for those of you who try to avoid these things. On the up side, it looks enormously action-packed and eventful, after last week’s vaguely low-key talkfest.

Recapping events up to this point: Starbuck’s got a weirdly friendly Cylon on one hand, a mutinous crew on the other, and a secret Cylon in her bed. Tigh’s doing who-knows-what with Caprica Six (not seen last week, but mentioned in passing, so we know it isn’t going to be dropped). Roslin’s firmly in “holy mission” mode. Baby Hera is apparently in Galactica Daycare. Tyrol was turning into Private Pyle until a face-to-face meeting with Baltarsattva ignited some mysterious fire in his eyes.

Looks to me like they’re almost done setting up the dominoes for the first half. Here’s to hoping for an epic knockdown in the next few weeks.

Well, I thought I’d add that I found last week’s episode weirdly appealing in a strange way.
The one before that was a bit annoying. We were all looking for a quick payoff, but really that’s not the way they are taking it. They seem to be taking things in the religious direction.

Also, I think it’s safe to say that all of the secret cylons are screwed up in some way. Tory’s been buying balthar’s line hook, line and sinker. And it appears that now that Tyrol might be doing the same.

I really like what they’re doing with Balthar though. Although I really did love the cynical Balhtar who was played for comic relief, they turned that around on us and made him a believer.

Here’s a question. Starbuck is one jump away from Galactica, right? Or is it that they only will be when the rendezvous time comes up? Because that would seem to imply that Galactica, if it were making any forward progress at all, has to backtrack to be within jump-distance of the trash ship.

Well it’s disheartening, to say the least. Starbuck having the coordinates and all now, will probably steal a viper or raptor and go there herself, I’d imagine.

It’s weird though. I generally end up watching them online, and they never have the previews attached at the end like on the real TV show. But you gotta admit, is great!

Baltar has been saying things that Tory, and maybe Tyrol, can relate to. He described how the world seemed to be like an out of tune orchestra that he could just barely hear. He tells everybody they are perfect just the way the are. Tory relates with the music since it was through music she was activated. She relates to the message about being perfect because it is helping her to embrace her new found love of bread. She may think Baltar is the final Cylon and is trying to get in good with him to have an edge against the others. She’s very manipulative.

Incidentally, I meant to do this last week, but it slipped my mind and Merkwurdigliebe’s post reminded me:

Spelling Guide for BSG Character Names

William (Bill) Adama
Lee (Apollo) Adama
Laura Roslin
Kara (Starbuck) Thrace
Saul Tigh
Ellen Tigh
Gaius Baltar
Sharon (Boomer / Athena / Eight) Agathon née Valerii
Karl (Helo) Agathon
Galen Tyrol
Callandra (Cally) Tyrol née Henderson
Samuel T. (call sign unknown) Anders
Felix Gaeta
Anastasia (Dee) Dualla
Tory Foster
Tom Zarek
Doc Cottle
Brendan (Hot Dog) Costanza*
Margaret (Racetrack) Edmondson*
Diana (Hardball) Seelix

Cavil (1)
Leoben (2)
D’Anna Biers (3)
Simon (4)
Doral (5)
Six (6) aka Shelly Godfrey, Gina Inviere, Natalie
*not, to my knowledge, named as such onscreen during the show; comes from producer-sanctioned extra materials
Thanks for your attention. :wink:

What a great idea!
I’d like to take this moment to apologize for my misspellings of Tory (Tori) and Roslin (Roslyn). I seem to have y and i issues :slight_smile:

Do you think the T in Samuel T. Anders stands for Toaster?

I think it’s “The.”

Isn’t Racetrack interviewed in “Final Cut”? I seem to recall having a moment of confusion when her name was displayed as “Margaret Something”, and I was like, “That’s not her nam- oh wait.”

She was. Alot of characters were given first names for the interviews. To my knowledge nobody’s called Felix and Anastasia by their first names onscreen.

Galen smarmily calls him Felix on New Caprica, and Felix smarmily responds with Galen. It’s a nice moment for them both to mock each other’s names. They don’t realize that they’re actually working together with the dog bowl info-drop and there’s dramatic irony and stuff.

Yeah, I rewatched the whole show (minus my two least favorite episodes) in anticipation of the fourth season. Right now I’m catching up on the third season podcast commentaries that I missed.

So they do have a Raptor.

39,675 survivors.

Yep - Red Shirt.

Lesbian snuff film!

No, really I’m liking this ep. Seems like there will lots to think about.

About time someone capped his ass. Felix that is. He’s had something coming for awhile now.

Shoot the Six.

Any episode where Cylons die without a resurrection ship ain’t bad.

And what was this “all will be revealed” stuff?

They refer to Hotdog as Costanza by name in this episode.

Nana Visitor played Emily. Second ST–DS9 cast member on this show, right?

Best moment of the ep was when Six deduced that the Final Five must know the way to Earth because the hybrid said they must have come from the home of the 13th tribe of humans, and Anders was like :dubious:

Is Laura Roslin starting to buy into Baltar’s religion? Cute moment between her and Adama, but then, I’m a Roslin/Adama 'shipper.

The Centurions still have free will. Does anybody have the full Hybrid quote regarding the Dying Leader, 3s, 5s, etc?

Anders’ callsign is Longshot, according to Wikipedia

Who was Emily and who was the other DS9 cast member? Ensign Ro was Admiral whosis.