Battlestar Galactica 4.8 - "Faith" (here there be spoilers)

Emily was the woman with cancer whose dream Roslin shared. She played Major Kira on DS9. Ensign Ro, aka Michelle Forbes, aka Adm. Cain, who I for some reason thought was on DS9 but I guess was NG. Sorry, my mistake. Because I’m not a Trekkie, dammit.

That and earlier when he almost stuck his any into the Cylon control water (did anyone else see him do it). Do the 3s know who all of the Final Five are, or just the four we’ve seen?

Yeah, I’m confused. The Five are from earth and probably know the way back. The Three can… uh… what three? D’Anna is boxed, and I guess she’s one of these “three.” Who are the others? Leoben & Boomer? What about six?

Is the 13th just earth or is there yet another Cylon model out there?

Please tell me it isn’t one of the growing number of Cylon hybrid brats.

I like the term “Cylon control water.” Any significance to all that Sharon’s blood going into the control water? I’m not sure what D’Anna saw but I’m glad she’s coming out of the box. Maybe the Final Fifth is on Earth? I mean, why would s/he be out amongst humans anyway? Any chance the 5th will anticlimactically just not be anyone we know?

levdrakon: The Three is D’Anna, aka #3. The 13th was the thirteenth tribe of humans, who I guess are not with the other 12 on the colony planets but remained on Earth when the diaspora happened that led to the formation of the colonies. Of course, I’m just sorta making this up.

Ah, okay. Got it. Thanks.

By G-d, I didn’t recognize her without her nose.

Interestingly enough, Forbes was wanted to play Ensign Ro, presumably promoted on DS 9, but turned it down. Hence Kira Nerys.

It’s Trekker, and we won’t hold it against you.
Unless you push it.

OK, what did you guys make of that scene? The Six flips out on the redshirt who callously drowned her on New Caprica. After she was resurrected, apparently she was still fucked up about it. The other Six (Natalie?) tried to help her through it but it still made her angry and emotionally unbalanced. Kind of hypocritical considering all the humans callously killed by Cylons, but OK. Coicidentally, that redshirt just happens to appear on a Cylon basestar where that particular Six is. Six kills redshirt, and then is euthanized by her fellow Six with no hope of resurrection.

WTF? It sorta seemed like the whole purpose of that scene was to have the two Sixes kiss on the mouth. Not that that’s not a noble end in and of itself (I had to say it before one of you did) . Otherwise, it strained credibility and I didn’t quite see the point. Was it to show us the Cylons suffer mental trauma from cruel deaths? Maybe one of you can explain it to me.

President Roslin’s mother is Barbara Bush???

At first glance, the gas-giant planet looked rather Jupiter-esque

overall, a solid episode, no Pop-Tarts, minimal religious dren, and more time spent on the interesting stuff, like the Cylon Civil War, Mutiny on the Demetrius, and Leoben’s BaseStar

Wonder what would’ve happened if Blanders put his hand in the Magic Cylon Kool-Aid Water…

Plus, the Bountiful Boomer Brigade was nice to see as well…

The Cylons have no sense of justice. One doesn’t whack folks without some sort of trial, whatever your culture is. That wasn’t a fellow Six, but some macho lady from another series who realized that to cooperate with the humans required eye for an eye justice.
Wonder Woman? Queen Ester? Hillary Clinton?

They were mercilessly teasing us with Anders. What happens if he touches the control panel? What happens if tells a Centurion to go away? The Five know the way to earth. Arg!

Say what? Far too much of that stuff, indicating it will play a part in the end, dammit.

Even I, mature adult, no 14 year old testosterone poisoned male was disappointed that they had clothes on. I feel as though I should seek professional help.

“All Shall Be Revealed.” :rolleyes:

true, but at least we were spared having to see and hear Balty spouting more of his stupid IPU dren directly, at least the radio broadcast could be tuned out

I’m just as dissapointed as you about the whole religious angle the show is taking, get rid of the IPU/FSM crap

Oh, yeah, I guess I filtered out the whole religious discussion between Sinead O’Connor…err…Rosyln and Kira…errr…Emily

Agreed, the clothing thing was most disappointing, a Basestar of “Boomer Au Natural” would have been great, still, could have been worse, could’ve been a Basestar full of Leobens, or worse, Cavills <shudder>

She wasn’t just a redshirt, we’ve seen her in several episodes. She was often seen with Anders and the other rebels on New Caprica, and she served in the groups that dispensed justice on Galactica after everybody returned to the fleet. She wasn’t a popular secondary character but she was recognizable. Since she was always around Sam his reaction to her death was reasonable.

The second part of that scene that I found fascinating is the idea that the Cylons are traumatized by death. It doesn’t matter that they can resurrect, it comes at a price. The Six in that scene was shocked at the callousness of humans and that she could be killed for doing nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. People hated her for what she was, not who she was. The Sixes are passionate and she seemed to have trouble with the hatred around her. Natalie’s kiss was only to put her at peace before she died.


She was killed because she murdered a human. I only wish that Anders had whacked her immediately.

Sorry, you speak of her being killed in another incarnation as it were. Screw her, humans have no resurrection ship.

I thought the Basestar jumping in right on top of the Demetrius looked cool.

Begs the question though, why haven’t Basestars been jumping in right next to Galactica all this time?

True, the humans don’t have a resurrection ship but based on this scene (I agree it’s thin) it may be that the Cylons are beginning to not want the resurrection ship either.

They didn’t know where they were. Goldilocks, er, Starbuck and Company were able to use the raptor to guide the basestar jump.

What was with Anders (Longshot? Someone thought that’s a good handle for a fighter pilot?) shooting up the place(s), then being Mr. Kind and Gentle to the dying Sharon? Does he have some latent toaster talent at placating Cylons (who aren’t Six’s)?