Battlestar Galactica 4.8 - "Faith" (here there be spoilers)

Good episode on the whole. I disliked the countdown at the end, however. That was pretty hackneyed. After the first countdown ended I was really hoping they were just going to leave without waiting. Also, I think the idea of a basestar joining the colonial fleet to be pretty neat.

The final four seem to be digging themselves in deeper and deeper, though. The longer they conceal their identity, the worse it’s going to look when it finally comes out. I mean, really, Anders made his way onto a basestar, who ISN’T going to think he’s in cahoots with the toasters when his identity is finally revealed.

I’ll agree, the countdown-and-last-minute-arrival climax was pretty dopey. Other than that, this was definitely one of the stronger entries in the season. All those who wanted forward plot movement, raise your hands. :slight_smile:

I knew I recognized her by about halfway through, by the voice. Who is that, I kept muttering, I know her, who the hell is that. It was the shot a few minutes from the end, on the boat, with her big beaming smile toward the people on the shore, that snapped it together for me: Holy crap, that’s Major Kira. Nice to see she’s getting some credible work on a high-profile show in prior to lowering herself for a paycheck.

Also, in addition to Sam’s temptation to fiddle with the Cylon control water, did it make anybody else chuckle that the Centurion in the Hybrid’s room got waxed a split-second before Anders showed up? One can only wonder what might have happened had the timing been just a little different…

Oh, and one more thing: looks like Ron Moore got to nod sideways at the “ships of light” from the original series without actually, y’know, doing Ships of Light, by using the similar design of the baseship but turning it into a “comet.” Very clever.
They’re not really gonna let Felix die, are they? We haven’t even gotten to see him hook himself up with a nice fella yet. Come on, let’s get Gaeta a little somethin’ somethin’ before he bleeds to death, whaddaya say?

What exactly did Felix want Helo to promise him? Couldn’t follow that part.

So is this basestar all that is left of the pro-human Cylons? I don’t know what else to call them.

Harbinger of Death? “You will bring them to their end.” Prophsies that aren’t too encouraging. Kara at least seemed more her old self, more in control. Sam really stood by her though, loyal to the end.

My take on the scene was that it was basically to drive home the point that even though the Cylons regenerate, there are emotional consequences. They don’t just come back good as new like a videogame or something. And you got to see a pair of Sixes make out (boxcars?)
What I do find a bit confusing is that Racetrack who survived a Raptor crash a few weeks back, Sgt Mathias who was killed last week in the Raider explosion and Jean Barolay who was killed this week all look alike to me.

He didn’t want the doc to cut off his leg.

This is what the hybrid said. Anyone parse the bit about the opera house?

I wondered if the hybrid was saying that Kara was going to lead the Five to their end. Or the Cylons as a race. It’s not clear that she meant the human race would be led to its end, though.

Then there was that other bit the hybrid said before:

Is the one reborn who will find her own country Kara? Or a Cylon? Any interpretations?

I must be the only one who didn’t recognize Nana Visitor until the boat scene. I’m so ashamed.

But that was part of showing the advance of Cylon monotheism among the humans, and Roslin is its prophet as much as Baltar. That’s the second Vision of others she’s found herself in, including the Kobol Opera House scene, and it ain’t just the drugs talking.

I do like the cut-off Cylons learning individuality, shown by the Eights telling Athena she was right - that’s obviously going to be huge the rest of the way.

“The bit about the opera house” could be the revelation of the identities of the Five - they appeared as “Beings of Light” (? !) to Roslin, Three (or was it Six?), and Hera in the Vision.

“The one reborn” I’d say is Roslin (“the dying leader”) after her death-and-transfiguration scene. She has a better claim to having “children” than Kara does - her candidacy would be based on the missing 2 months, not children.

The rest of the Hybrid’s statement sounds like the original attack on the Colonies.

Maybe Kara will have children, actual children and not metaphorical, and they will live on Earth. That was my thought, anyway. When I think reborn, I think of someone who has actually seemingly died, which Kara has. Kara = reborn leader, Roslin = dying leader.

It reminded me of Lawrence of Arabia, except there was no neutral party so a Cylon had to kill a Cylon.

I think you have it, ruby. Plus, Natalie thought she had to prove to the humans the good faith of her faction in entering the alliance.

She doesn’t control the Centurions anymore, though - the one in the Hybrid room shot the Eight who was trying to disconnect it despite her plea.

Not just that - Gaeta wanted Helo to jump the ship back to the fleet right then and there - “The longer we wait, the likelier it is he’ll have to take my leg”. Gaeta wanted the medical resources of Galactica’s sickbay.

I thought this was one of the best episodes of BSG they’ve done so far. Dark, too - the themes of death, and the river (what does Starbuck see just before she wakes up after the near-miss in the Raptor?) are very well done. I was really moved by the Six’s monologue on what had happened to her on New Caprica. Genocidal Fembot of Death or no, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to feel for the poor, frakked-up toaster. Even Anders seemed to feel it - he was shocked when the Six made him pull the trigger.

And also - it might make me a giant sap, but I cried in the scene where Roslyn broke down, in the hospital. Mary McDonnell is a hell of an actor - they’re not paying her enough, whatever it is.

Finally - that moment when the BoomerBot is dying, and Athena starts to reach out, try and comfort her - and stops. That was cool, in its own right.

One more thing - I loved how, when the redshirt gets hit, she gets back up, says “okay”, and it looks like there’s going to be another human-versus-six fistfight, like the one Starbuck had back on Caprica. The redshirt’s clearly psyching herself up, wiping the blood off her nose - then, bam, done.

The whole episode was really just a meditation on death, and how people deal with it - and man, did it ever kick ass.

So, what did y’all think of Baltar spontaneously producing some of the same phrases that Shakespeare wrote in his most famous play?

After Felix got shot and the aborted mutiny was sorted out – was the fleet already at the rendezvous point? If so, is there any reason the Demetrius couldn’t have jumped to the fleet, transferred Gaita to Galactica, downloaded coordinates for the next rendezvous if necessary, and jumped back to their previous point to wait for the raptor?

I’d say nothing except two factors:

  1. How long would it take to sort out resupplying to return on top of…

  2. The insane confusion and debate involved in getting reauthorized to jump back into what could possibly be a huge trap involving a basestar capturing the Demetrius and finding out exactly where the fleet currently is.

Until I looked it up, I thought it was Didi Conn.

In the mutiny scene, Helo ordered Gaeta to load the coords for “the first jump back to the fleet”. With a 33-minute recharge cycle for the flux capacitors, that’s 29 jumps for a one-way trip.

Good thing they didn’t time it in centons.

Religion is an important part of the human condition. These people are dealing with the genocide of their species with a very high probability of total extermination. Both Roslin and Major Kira were in advanced stages of cancer treatment. It would be unrealistic for the characters if none of them were having vivid, even hallucinatory religious experiences.

I mean, the whole reason that you’re even able to compare the situation to the Invisible Pink Unicorn or the Flying Spaghetti Monster is precisely because human religion is so gods damn important in real life. To avoid that aspect of humanity, to neglect talking about both the comforts of religion and its potentially irrational side effects would be to ignore the experiences of 90%+ of the real human population.

Trust the creators. From the very beginning, the entire purpose of the series has not centered around giving us simple answers. Moore et al have been much more interested in asking intriguing questions and then leaving the questions open for the audience to decide for themselves. They have been entirely uninterested in giving us neat, tidy conclusions - and for them to tie up all of the plot threads with mystical bullshit at the end would be a neat, tidy conclusion. That would be entirely contrary to the purpose of the show.

I imagine that we’ll end the series with a few open mysteries that could potentially have a “religious” cause, but that could just as easily have a “scientific” explanation that even the Cylons are too primitive to understand. Our reality is full of mysteries that even science can’t explain, and I imagine that at the end the show will be exactly the same.

And actually why couldn’t they? The away team was going to be on the base ship for awhile and the fleet had like 15 hours before they left the rendezvous point. Go back, drop of Gaeta, report in, head back to pick up the away team. I mean the implication is if they need to be at point X at 15:00 hours, they can’t just leave at the last minute if they need to make multiple jumps.

That’s the problem when you incorporate the technology to travel great distances in the blink of an eye into your story. You kind of expect to see its use a lot more widespread. Like why do they even use anti aircraft/ship rockets or manned fighter aircraft? Why not have weapons that simply “jump” next to its target, deliver it’s warhead and then jump away before the warhead explodes? Why have the Raptors fly at all? Why not just jump from the ground to the Galacticas landing bay and vice versus, avoidign any fire?

Of course the real reason is that swarms of fighters weaving in and out of massive capital ships firing tracers and flak at each other looks really freakin cool.

Hmm, I figured that wrong, didn’t I? Try this, then: The 15’07" window meant the rendezvous point took *longer * than that to reach in a round trip (they still needed to rendezvous with the Raptor), or yes, Demetrius could have done it. Assuming Helo (and Gaeta) were thinking of that, that means the rendezvous point was 15 jumps away. Or am I still missing something?
Is Kara’s vision now complete? Was there any more to it than the life-long need to reach the point in space and time, and the POV for that matter, where the survivors of Cavil’s ambush would be found? And somehow she’s known this for decades already? The Great Whoever must have known it would be important, huh? Well, all of this will happen again, anyway.

I can’t think of anything else that was in her visions that hasn’t been fulfilled now. Maybe, rid of her demons, she can finally become normal now. No, I’m not betting on that, either.

I’m not sure where you get 15 jumps from. I thought they basically said the Demetrius needs to rendezvous with the fleet in 15 hours so the Raptor needs to be back before then.