Battlestar Galactica-Could the president be a cylon?

For a while I have been building the theory that the president has at least the potential to be a sleeper cylon.

I say this for several reasons. The president was in the perfect position for a sleeper: a low, easy placed offical in the presidents cabinet that no one knows well, who now suddenly rises to become President as a result of the war. She now has dreams of cylons talking to her, feels the compulsion to speak with a very duplicitous cylon that she as president should definately not. She also shows moments of strange thoughts going through her head that could be something similar to what Baltar experiences.

She does subconscious things that advances the cylon agenda such as refusing to leave when cylons are about to attack, stating that she knows for sure that Balter is a colaborator when convenient for Six(yet strangely gets over it later), trying to prevent the retrival of a key officer (starbuck),encouraging the Cylon witch hunt which destroys morale, and accusing Adama of being a cylon. The are many other small actions that indicate to me that she is either incompetent, or a sleeper cylon.

Cancer could simply be a red herring used to her advantage, and she could simply be able to turn it off if necessary.

Due to this, I would like to ask the question who else believe that she may be cylon or other possible theories in this regard.

Spoiler rules
-anything that that has aired is fair game to discuss
-anything referencing actual future episode information should be “spoilered”
-things that are only theory regarding direction of future episodes don’t need to be “spoilered”

I haven’t had suspicions about the President, but I do harbor suspicions about Colonel Ti’s wife. She looks rather like an older version of 6, and she really irritates me so i want her to be a cylon.

I don’t think so.

Unless the Cylons also planned on Apollo using an EMP to save her from their nuclear strike, it’s pretty unlikely.

Well she’s definitely showing signs of incompetence, since she is. Remember, she was the Sec of Education before the attack - not a position which generally leads to the Presidency, or which trains one to make the hard decisions. I think we’re seeing her making mistakes and (hopefully) learning from them in pretty much every episode. Check out Ron Moore’s blog on for his discussion about her decision to not retreat from the attacking Cylons in the miniseries.

She has cancer, right?

Biopsies of the malignancy would showsynthetics in the organic material: it was stated that suchsynthetics could be detected if the body was cremated, so a sample of the biopsy, when incinerated, would provide the necessary data.

When did someone say that? I missed it along with the Humvees at the funeral.

Unless the series explicitly refutes me, I’m going to presume that no one older than 40 could be a humanoid Cylon.

BTW: they ought to start sweeping the fleet for ANYONE who are doubles of another, excepting documented identical twins.

Practical joke for Kara:
Hang a mirror up in the lounge with a sign below it: “Have you seen this Cylon?”

That’s pretty funny!

You believe they age naturally as opposed to being built or hatching fully grown at a specific age?

So you believe there are cylon babies and teenagers running around some where?

That is a scary thought. But dad…I want the keys to the cylon raider. Maybe teens have cylon raiders as pets :slight_smile:

Wait a minute. If they breed, then you’d have genetic variation and more than twelve kinds.
How does it come to pass that?

Oh, I agree

I always assumed that they were made fully grown in one of the 12 models. As they upload into a new body when their body dies.

That is why I was suprised at and joking about the comment:

As they seem to be implying that cylons grow naturally, because one could not be older than 40 due to the time of the last cylon war.

The important point here isn’t whether or not Cylons are “born” and have to grow up, or whether they are manufactured “as is.”

The point is how long do they have a well documented history within the Colonies? Adama has probably been in the military for 30-40 years. His entire history is well documented. There’s no way the Cylons created him a few years ago and inserted him into the position of Commander. No way. He’s produced two frakin’ sons for crying out loud, and they both are/were in the military.

As for Roslin, I’d guess she’s been in politics, and a friend of the former president for many years. Unlike Jeff Gannon, Roslin would have had extensive background checks & a well documented history. The Cylons can’t just create a Roslin or an Adama and insert them.

Six, Doral, Boomer, those guys would be relatively easy to create “as is” and insert them into society with some forged documents.

Well this is apparently not the case, as they would simply be doing biospies of the crew rather than waiting for the magical cylon detector from Balter. They have specifically stated that taking samples from live people was not effective in detection, as the tissue appears 100% human. Why? Who knows

What he said. I meant "someone who is known to have been around since before the end of the first Cylon war’.

This actually is part of my point.

We have no evidence that Roslin has been around more than a few years however, no one knows her well or even very long, and it would actually be quite easy to plant her in a low level position and let her rise in the ranks as she has.

I must admit there is an interesting story line there. She goes into remission and Smoking Doc discovers something different about her; soon after he begins asking other doctors and scientists about it he has an Airlock Accident. ™

I still don’t think any cabinet member, even for a relatively unprestigious office like Secretary of Education, 45th (or whatever) in line for presidential succession, could possibly be someone who just showed up out of nowhere. This woman was allowed private access to the President of the Twelve Colonies. You can bet your last shekel that alarms would have been raised if a background check had revealed “we couldn’t actually find anyone who claimed to have known her more than 20 years ago”.

Yeah, but those toaster heads and sneaky bastards, especially when they don’t look like toasters.