BSG Season Finale: Unboxed Speculation on MAJOR SPOILERS

Lissener, stay the frak out of this thread. Cervaise, you too.
Stop reading this thread now, or risk major, potentially life altering spoilage.

Spoiler space.

More spoiler space.

Hi Opal–last warning.

Ok. This first came up here when Silenus posted a link to The Patriot Resource:
It came up again when **The Vorlon ** posted a link to another spoiler site:
As far as I can tell, the backstory here is something like the spoilers were originally posted somewhere called TV Without Pity, then got copied around the web before the OP deleted her posts, claiming she felt guilty for ruining the finale.

I followed a link from the TPR site, and read an article in the Chicago Tribune that seems to corroborate some minor details, but not the major ones. The Vorlon’s link has pretty much the same info as the TPR site, but has more detail, and may have been posted by someone other than the OP at TV Without Pity.

OK. Enough with the exposition. To summarize the rumored spoilers:

  1. Rosilyn’s cancer has returned.—this has been foreshadowed in recent episodes, especially the one with her lying in Adama’s bunk.

  2. Starbuck appears to return somehow. Only Lee sees or speaks to her, but she claims to have found Earth and will lead the fleet there.

  3. Baltar is found not guilty, with Adama castig the deciding vote.

  4. There’s a dream sequence that features Rosilyn, Six, Hera, and Athena in an Opera House. Baltar shows up, and he & Six take Hera into the chamber of the Final Five–but we do not see the faces.

  5. Chief, Tigh, Anders, and Tori all keep hearing mysterious music…allegedly a version of All Along the Watchtower…no info as to whether it’s Dylan or Jimi or someone else. These four are the only ones to hear the music.

  6. The Cylons attack, the fleet loses power, people scrabble for flashlights, etc.

  7. Chief, Tigh, Anders and Tori all end up in the same room…and realize that they are Cylons, activated by the music somehow.

Please note that I do not know how realible these spoilers may be…

Still mulling over what my opinion would be were these to be true.

And, for edification: Television Without Pity

Their recaps are pretty good, if snarky. The boards are very strict, cantankerous and turbulent, and snarky. But they’re pretty “in” with the TV industry, so spoilers shared there often turn out to be pretty accurate.

This is going to be either the biggest frakking mess ever…or really, really cool! And it stands the whole series on its head, which is what Moore has been threatening to do.

Yeah, I’m still sorting out how I’d react if this turns out to be true, too. On the one hand, it sounds like very entertaining television. On the other hand, I’m not so sure it would be great in the long run for the show.

4 Cylons activated by a Dylan/Hendrix riff? That would mean that somehow the Cylons already know where Earth is, and happened to pick a fairly obscure (from their perspective) tune as an activation code…and even if they did that, how was the song broadcast on Galatica?

Chief has produced a child…so there are now two known poptarts in the world. Hmmm. Thought Hera was supposed to be a miracle…

Is Rosilyn the final Cylon? If not, why is she in the Opera House. If so, why does she have cancer?

Why would deep-cover manchurian candidate Cylons all happen to be leaders of the resistance on New Caprica? Cylon Civil War?

How could Starbuck be back in her viper–which we saw explode? Is she a Headbuck, something supernatural, the missing Cylon, or WTF?

I don’t think Ron planned on this show lasting more than 4-5 seasons, tops. So he could be planning on wrapping the whole thing up in the next 15 episodes anyway. Might as well make them memorable.

I’m in.

First, I guess the big question is now we know who four of the final five are, who’s the fifth? Starbuck who has a special destiny and somehow survived her Viper exploding? Roslyn, because she has dreams with Cylons in them? Baltar, because he not only has a Cylon in his head, and has visited the opera house which other Cylons apparently also dream about?

Baltar’s Cylon detector apparently worked on Sharon, but he chose to keep it secret. Did he also choose to keep Tigh, Tyrol & Tori’s results secret? Or does the detector not really work after all?

Well, the final five picked the song anyway, we’re not sure if the other Cylons know what’s going on. The song could be broadcast using the same technology which allows their consciousness’ to resurrect over interstellar distances.

I’m still not convinced he ever had a long term plan. He keeps hitting the reset button at the end of a season, which suggests to me that he’s pretty much winging it on a season-by-season basis.

Also not sure I like the way he spends money. If he’s really using a Dylan/Hendrix riff, he’ll be paying hefty royalties for the privilege. Could be why we got so much crap in recent weeks.

Wondering why that particular song, too. Not saying it’s a bad choice…just curious. I’d have been tempted to go with something like Iron Man:smiley:

Or Mr. Roboto.

Beats me, I’m not good at interpreting lyrics, but this line:

could mean something. I’m afraid if and when the find earth the joke might be on us.

But you and I we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate.

Waitaminute! Dylan is a Cylon?!? :confused: :eek: :smack:

Well, the use of the song gives us a small clue about when Earth is. Earth time can be no earlier than 1967, because that’s when the song was released by Dylan . If it’s the Hendrix version…and it damn well better be…then Earth time can be no earlier than 1968…at the point of first Cylon contact…but that may have been 1000 Colonial years ago…

As formative as the Hendrix version was to my musical tastes, lately I’ve been prefering the Dave Mason version. Live, of course.

This spoiler also blows all the “Cylon infiltration only in the last few years” stuff to Kobol and back.

Yeah…I thought Tigh was pretty much eliminated as a potential Cylon because of his known history with Adama. It is not really fair to the fans to change the rules previously established as cannon…

It would be no earlier than 1968 plus however long the sleeper Cylons have been in the colonies.

I thought Tigh had fought in the first Cylon war but now maybe his first appearance was when he met Adama during the armistice. When was that, 10, 20 years ago? So maybe it’s 1987?

Of course, the Cylons could have dug around in earth’s archives and chosen a 4,000-year-old song, and the current earth year is 6007.

IMHO, if 2/3 of that spoiler is true, then they will have ruined a perfectly good show.

No way would Adama (either one of them) be in the court room DURING a cylon attack or emergency jumps… irregaurdless of thier personal feelings, they know what ‘must’ be done.

Baltar being found innocent? That I can buy, and if done properly (not as portrayed in the spoiler) could be a very good story/plot/etc…

Cancer returning? Wouldn’t mind at all… goes back to the earlier prophecy and perhaps undoes the “magic cylon blood”, (the magic wears off).

Chief being a cylon? If one of the points was a cylon/human ‘love and make babies’, why did he waste all that time with another toaster? Makes no sense in any way.

Starbuck, in her Viper, still flying and leading the fleet? Only if she had FTL on it would I even begin to believe it, or a big wormhjole opened up near bajor… earth, I mean… and if, in fact that does happen, then it truly means that there is nothing to fear in the BSG universe… that RM is not interested in breaking new ground or out of the mold.

Personally, if they want those to be the “final five” I could buy it if they (and the other 7) end up being “clones” of the original lords of kobol instead of being toaster things. But not as “written in the spoilers”.

Music in the head? sheesh…

I think that whomever wrote the spoiler up took a few grains and ran with it, or its a larger
bit of misdirection… my worst fear would be that the spoiler as written would be largely accurate… it would mean that RM and crew have less of a clue than we realized.

But if they have access to earth archives, then they’ve known the Earth actually exists, and where it is, for the entire run of this series and longer. Which begs the question of why they haven’t nuked it from orbit, once, in the '60s, for 20 minutes while jamming to Duran Duran…or why they cared about the Temple on the algae planet…or why they needed Baltar to find a planet they hadn’t lost…

Of couse, if Pa Cartwright is revealed as a Lord of Kobol, things are gonna get weird…

Oops…think I’m committing the offense of consecutive posting. It’s happened before, it will happen again…:smiley:

I like the misdirection idea. Good way to keep the real stuff secret by giving the harcore fans something else to occupy the time…

That’s what Buffy did at the end of Season 5. There were exceptionally detailed spoilers floating around from usually reliable sources that were so far off the mark they missed the planet.

Okay, I’ve tentatively concluded that if true these might not be “harness up the sharks, here comes Fonzie” moments.

Because if it allows them to take the Final Five Minus One into the reverse of the “who’s a Cylon” storyline from Season 1, it’d be a good thing for the show to get back to something it was good at. And I think it would be good at “nobody knows that you’re a Cylon” – Boomer’s storyline in Season 1 was okay, and would’ve been better had Grace Park not gone with that phoned-in portrayal of the character.

Even so, I’m a bit leery of who the 4 - 1 are supposed to be. At least there was no mention of be-damned Cally in there.