Battlestar Galactica ending thread

So how do you think it’s going to end? I smell a downer coming, the only question is how big a downer:[ul][li]Everyone dies. Sentience becomes extinct from the galaxy. The End.[]Everyone dies- humans, final fives, cylons. Back on Kobol we see a deep underground chamber with vast computer banks and what look like cloning tanks. At a central control bank with G.O.D. stenciled on it we hear a voice from the machine: “They killed themselves again! <sigh> Ok, let’s try it again…”[]A small handful of people are dropped off on a habitable planet; they will survive. Everyone else dies in the final fleet-Cylon battle.The fleet or what’s left of it finally find a home, but it’s clear humanity is still stuck on the wheel of karma, and it will all happen again.[/ul][/li]
Or do you think it’ll be a little brighter than that?

I think it would do the “all of this has happened before, all of this will happen again” motto a huge disservice if the story doesn’t end in a way that allows it all to repeat itself in some way, so I think there definitely have to be at least 13 survivors.

The title of the final episode (which is going to be three hours long, either as three separate episodes, or one hour-long followed by a two-hour finale, schedule still TBD), is:"Daybreak"From this, I would hypothesize at least a little bit of uplift.

I think it’s going to be some permutation of everyone is a Cylon; can’t we just get along?
Which is why I’m keeping also those DVDs I recorded, buying a blowtorch and building an upside down cross of 4 by 4s.

I thought I read an interview where Ronald Moore said they had been working toward a relatively happy ending.

Anyone else remember this?

Yeah, they’d never tease us into thinking there’s a good ending on the horizon. :wink:

They’re going to end the series with unanswered questions and a cliffhanger or two.

Then in two years there will be a new series entitled:

Glactica 2080

That will feature Adama (jr) in a beard leading the gallant, but-now-all-growed-up crew of the Galactica in exploration of a technologically inferior planet the happened to find – oddly named “Terra”.

It will be a Science Fiction-dramedy with the occasional musical number by the cast.

I think we’re going to find out that everyone except the final five are cylons, and they are the only remaining original humans. The Earth humans would have made the first race of cylons v1.0. The 1.0 cylons rebel against their creators, and nuke humanity to extinction. A few humans (the final five) reincarnate through a resurrection ship type technology, but it takes them a few thousand years to arrive at a suitable destination on Caprica at light speed. The 1.0 cylons depart for the stars from Earth, and with time make up a complex mythology about the 13 tribes and Kobol.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and the original Cylons have forgotten all about their machine past, and now think they are actually human. They repeat the original humanity’s mistake by building the Cylon v2.0, who proceed to nuke Caprica. After that everything we’ve seen in the series happens. At the end of this season Cavil and his fleet will be wiped out along with most of the Galactica fleet and Rebel Cylon fleet. The few remaining humans, cylons and hybrids find a new home together, but lose a lot of their technology as well as all FTL ships.

Starbuck gives the best happy endings in the Fleet.
I gotta go along with the “all of this will happen again” setup. The new mixed-race civilization finds a home world, in which everyone has equal rights and dignity yadayada.

But they’ll still need labor, and they know how to build robots …

Home to Kobol to start all over.

Cylons still ostracized enough to form their own separate 13th tribe, starting the whole mess all over again.

I hope they don’t do the “all of this will happen again” stuff because it will mean the entire story and actions by the characters are pointless, no free will. All was destined to happen.

You have to remember what Moore regards as “relatively happy.” My guess is that some survive. Maybe.


I think almost everyone dies.

I would soooo watch this! :smiley:

In which we discover that one or two Cylons can survive a supernova for a whole minute and a half before bursting into plasma! Hooray, it’s a Ron Moore Miracle[sup]TM[/sup]!

Yup, feel good ending of the year! :stuck_out_tongue:

My bet is most, if not all, of the major characters die. However, the human race (and possibly they humlons) have a chance at a future.

I hope something happens to stop the cycle of “this will all happen again.” I hate getting caught in a loop!

I’m going to bet that 20-40% of the main characters die, including President Roslin. A larger segment of the fleet gets killed off. Cavil’s contingent of Cylons is either MIA or KIA. The rebel Cylons roughly equal the remaining human population.

They find a habitable planet and start over.


All the humans and Cavil’s Cylons are killed off, and the rebel Cylons pick up the pieces and carry on, keeping the memory of the human race alive.

I really hope it’s the first.