Battlestar Galactica Premier to Run Over 1 Hour

My Sweetpea sent me an email today concerning the long awaited premier of BSG. Apparently it will run 3 ½ minutes over, so if, like me, you’re planning to use your DVR make plans to add the extra time. Sci Fi will have the extra few minutes on their web site; it’s just not the same (for me). So props to Sci Fi for trying to fix the problem (I’m sure others have also been burned before – I’m looking at you Heroes!) and enjoy the premier!

Link to Sci Fi article
N.B. the link says where the show will pick up, which shouldn’t be a spoiler if you saw the last episode.

I’m still trying to figure out how to watch the 14 hours or so of 4.0 before the show restarts.

What’s so hard about that? You’ve got about 60 hours. Just cut out either sleep or work for a day! :smiley: