Battlestar Galactica Season 2 (UNBOXED SPOILERS)

But the UK is going to have to wait months. :mad: This sort of stupid asshattery is a prime cause of piracy.

It’s only fair…we had to wait for the first season! :smiley:

Hee! Piracy will be rampant! This show has a huge internet fanbase. It was funny during the first season, the producer of the show made a public appeal to the fans not to download the episodes from the UK. Than about a million people’s eyes in the US popped open with a “huh? You can download the episodes from the UK??” ::click, click, clickity click::

What day does the second season start in the US? has nothing I can find on when season 2 starts.

Holy frack! Major spoilers on that link. Beware!

For example, the summary of the first half-dozen episodes or so reveals the whereabouts of Starbuck:She doesn’t leave Caprica for quite a while.The health status of Adama:Comatose, comatose, comatose.The location of President Roslin:Still in the brig for a good long while.The reaction of other important people to the foregoing:Tom Zarek accuses Tigh, running things during Adama’s incapacity, of jailing Roslin as part of an attempted coup.

Lots of things in that article I wish I didn’t know. Please warn us next time, and anyone who’s looking to stay dramatically uncontaminated would be wise to refrain from clicking.

Sorry about that - mea culpa.

Friday, July 15, from what I gather.

one word:


If it makes you feel any better, the next George RR Martin book that we’ve been waiting five YEARS for is being published in the UK a month before we get it here in the US.

Only a week and two days to go! Firefly, SG-1, Atlantis & BSG all on one night. I’m going to be exhausted.