Battlestar Gallactica Season 3 preview SPOILERS

If you didn’t catch the promo last night, here is a link to it.

spoiler space





Does Kara have her own cylon-hybrid baby? Who do you think Baltar’s begging to kill him?

Oh crap, now Starbuck’s the fleet’s best MOM ?!?!

Was that a trailer or a Nickleback video?

On a tangent, I found Eureka to be pretty enjoyable. Seemed to be much higher quality production values than most SciFi Channel bespoken shows. Likeable characters and they brought in quite a bit of the funny.

WTF? Are they going to turn Galactica into a daycare?

Someone blow Cally up. Please. That’s all I ask.

Actually, isn’t the upcoming run of episodes styled “Season 2.5”? Assuming we make it to “Season 3.0” next year, this thread title could be confusing down the road.

I’m blowin’ up Cally, Cally, Cally,
I’m blowin’ up Cally – hmm, I don’t think so.


No, the new episodes are season 3.

Season “2.5” is the name they’ve given to the DVD set of the second half of season 2 which comes out in September. (The first half was, of course, Season 2.0.)

I’m blowin’ blowin’, up up, Cally Cally

You suck. :mad:


I just don’t like her. I think she needs to be the first casualty in the Cylon takeover. And used for experiments.


Well, she definitely needs to be punished. She’s been a bad girl. So send her by my place, and I’ll take care of it, ok?

No, it’s too perilous.

I decline to acknowledge the Hogan’s Heroes|Staalag 17 arc of this show.


Neener Neener Neener

I will cheerfully return my attentions to the show when they get back to killing people, killing toasters and breaking shit.

Hey every space opera needs it’s Jar-Jar

Oh, ugh! Ron Moore has always wanted to re-make China Beach. The studios wouldn’t sign off on it so he said he’d “reimagine” a classic sci-fi show. Now the show’s had some success, he’s slowly stripping away the sci-fi part so he can have his reimagined China Beach.

And I’ll be powerless but to watch, no matter how bad it gets, just because I want to see a Cylon or a spaceship once in awhile. :frowning:

[snark]If he’d wanted to redo China Beach, why’d he kill off Dana Delaney?[/snark]