Bayonet enjoys a slow simmer

So this morning I walked to my desk and found a note as follows:

"Dear colleague,

Please don’t be offended by this note, it’s just a request from us for you to consider.

Whilst your musical taste cannot be faulted, your playing of it does leave something to be desired. Could you please find a pair of headphones to listen to your music, as it can be heard almost half way across the room, all day every day. Unfortunately, by the time it escapes from the confines of your desk it emerges as a tinny distraction and not the cool sound you enjoy.


Now, in the first place, “Whilst”? Come on! I’m pretty familiar with the common conversation modes of everyone in my immediate area and none of you use “whilst”.

Further, never mind that it is not true that my music “can be heard almost half way across the room”, I’ve verified it. What really ticked me off was the unsigned nature of the note.

For reference, there isn’t anyone here younger than 30, most are a lot older. What is wrong with coming up to me and saying:

“bayonet, can you turn down your music some, it’s kinda bothering me?” I found the whole unsigned note thing just frankly juvenile, so I’ve written a reply on Post-it note, attached it to the message, and left it on the same spot on my desk. My note reads as follows:

“Thanks for your note. Maybe when you finish high school you’ll be able to address these issues in person, not through unsigned notes. Love Bayonet”

And yes, I went out and bought a set of headphones, I’m nothing if not accomodating, I’d just appreciate some honesty for goodness sakes.

I use “whilst.”

I also use headphones.

Coincidence? You bet.

I don’t suggest headphones. I suggest big THX-certified speakers. That way everyone can listen to ‘the cool sound you enjoy’, all the way across the room, all day, every day.

Oh yeah. :>

And a sub-woofer. Gotta have a sub-woofer under the desk.

Seriously, while it was a bit childish, some folks have problems with confrontations of any kind. It would have been more acceptable to you if “they” had at least signed the thing, instead of remaining anonymous, yeah?

OTOH, do you routinely glare at your cow-orkers, perhaps whilst sharpening an oversized dagger on a well used whetstone, or poking pins into little dolls? It’s possible that they’re just misinterpreting your body language. :smiley:

Has it occurred to you that your reaction here to the anonymous note is a pretty good sign that maybe your co-workers took the right approach? Think about it this way, they could have taken it to the boss. Happens. Makes everyone angry. Boss, especially.

Workplace discomfort over personal stuff can turn ugly really fast. I’d suggest, if you have an approachable co-worker, that you pull him aside, let him know you received the note, took it seriously and responded appropriately, and you’d appreciate it if he could pass on to the unnamed others that you’re open for the upfront direct approach next time. You know, take the higher road and all that.

I think my reaccion was exemplary, since I did exactly what the note suggested. My one and only smarmy comment was on the note’s writer anonimity kick, and that was on a written note on my desk that for all I know was never even seen by the note writer.

That being said, I gotta add that this was a slow simmer indeed. In fact my first reaction to the note was “Ha! Now I can post thread on this!”.