BBQ? We don't need no stinkin' BBQ's! Or maybe we do?

Heads up, all…GaWd needs a ride from San Jose. Any takers?

OK, directions are mailed out. See ya Saturday!

oldscratch…I’ll prolly be coming thru SF…can I pick you up somewhere on the way to the GG bridge? Like Stonestown or something?

Okay, I just realized that the game starts later than I thought it did, so I probably won’t make it til 7:30. Still not sound too late? If people aren’t too drunk, could someone come round and get me at the bus stop? I don’t know Santa Rosa well enough to guess which of the stops are closest to Demo’s house, though. Will figure this out later.

Well, I must say that VV has really risen to the occasion and offered to give me a ride to Santa Rosa.

I am in debt to you! Can I buy you a drink :smiley:

Thanks so much VV.


Any questions?
Yeah, where are the pickles?
And I hope you have enough things that are soy.

Thanks VV. I’d be happy to meet you wherever you want. I can even BART over to the East Bay if it makes it easier. Just let me know where and when. I will be there.

hey fellow bay areans

I’d love to come up and join y’all for my first doper gig, but alas, I have previous plans. don’t do anything too stupid

I have a habit of reading everything i see out loud. Helps me remember better.
When I read “bay areans” I just about busted a nut. That was great BigDaddyD. Just great.

I’d love to come but my hubby is going whitewater rafting up near Tahoe for the weekend so I have the kid to myself.

Have fun and drink much alcohol!

I take it the thread about Demo’s kids is what’s keeping you away? :wink:


It’s just too far for the whippersnapper…plus, she’d interfere with my drinking!

HOWEVER, I expect all of you to come to San Jose for my 30th b-day party in September! Kids too. We have tons of stuff planned (bubble-ologist, bouncy thingy and a ball pit for the kids—food and music for all) plus copious amounts of alcohol.

I’ll keep the Bay Area Dopers updated as things progress, but I will need RSVPs for catering purposes.

Sorry you can’t come this time Sue. Looking forward to your shindig though, sounds sublime!

OK folks, the pony keg of Sierra Nevada is ordered, psy and I are headed to Costco tommorrow for various types of flesh to char and the house is clean…well, mostly (psst, oh yeah, and the kids are being shipped off to Auntie’s house for the night. Yippee!)

Tentative Attendees:

psycat and I(duh!)

Oh, and I’m trying to convince Sassy to come as well.:wink:
Remember, all you other Bay Area Dopers, this is an open invitation. E-mail/IM/ICQ/whatever for directions!

Should we bring anything? I’d be more than happy to bring something. Just let me know what you need. There’s a nice meat market near me that has all sorts of strange meats. Ostrich, Alligator, Snake. Or alcohol. Or other things. I think it’s only apropriate, since we will be using your house.

If I take the bus, can someone rescue me from downtown SRosa?

oldscratch, you don’t need to bring anything unless you want to. I’ll be getting the beer. I’m planning on BBQing your typical white trash BBQ fare: Burgers, dogs, sausages and wings.(There will be GardenBurgers available for our non meat-eating friends. ;)) So, whatever you feel like bringing, certainly don’t feel obligated to bring anything.
Sassy, psycat or I will gladly pick you up from downtown SR. (That is, if you don’t think I will get into a fight with the parking lot attendant. :D)
See you all Saturday!

Can anyone give me a ride from New Jersey?

Sure GreenBean, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to drive you home…


Sadly, I may have to back out of going to the bbq. As I was already going to be very late, I figured that I would make up for that by staying until the wee hours. Until today, when I realized that due to dumbasses at work, my schedule has been messed up and I’m working at 10 am on Sunday. I am very pissed (I NEVER work on Sundays!) and I am going to try to switch with someone, but I doubt it’ll happen.

If anyone is still in the North Bay the next day (Pat & Doob?), you are welcome to come visit me at work, or better yet, do something fun after work (I get off at 6). I live about 20 miles south of Demo, it’s on the way anyway!

This sucks.

Ok. Sorry. I may have to back out as well. But, maybe not. Turns out I’m going to be starting a job on Saturday. I’m starting a 9pm Saturday Night, in SF. So if anyone is planning on heading back down before 9, I don’t care if you’re going through SF, I can take BART, I can go. If not, I’m going to have to bail.