Santa Rosa BBQ -- Thank you!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank Democritus and psycat90 for hosting a great bar-bee-quoo yesterday up in Santa Rosa. The food was a-plenty, the liquids were flowing, and a great time was had by all.

Obfusciatrist and I got to meet and hang out with voguevixen, Doobieous, GaWd, SeaDiver, and the guest of honor all the way up from Santa Barbara, Pricciar.

Democritus – don’t forget to buy psycat a new Rubbermaid container lid!!! :smiley:

Thank you thank you – we had a great time!!

Thanks from me too, sent my couple pix that turned out to Demo so he might put them up soon? (Maybe not!) A link to BagLady’s pix: (As usual there’s one of me being a big ham, ugh!) We had a blast taunting the chatroom via the webcam, and pigging out on great food! And Baglady, the pins/buttons are so neat! Thanks to you as well.

Thank you all for coming. I had a wonderful time. Well, I think I had a wonderful time. I’m glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

So sorry i couldn’t make it. And it was nice of you to put on a show for me, but I can tell that those looks of enjoment and meeriment are faked. You couldn’t have possibly had a good time without me.

Someone start a minutes thread…psy needs to remember what happened last night. :slight_smile:

(KIDDING!!! You know I loves ya!)

Many thanks to our hosts for feeding us, providing a wide variety of beverages, and putting up with us. Everyone was just great! Oldscratch and Kyla, you missed out!

:: scratching head and rubbing eyes ::

She’s not the only one…

What do you mean we had a BBQ last night???
Thanks for coming everyone!

Hmm, let’s see: We talked about that thing, and that one guy (the one with the shirt) and how weird it is when that one thing happens. And how funny it was that one time. We ate alot of food and tried to insult each other and crack up. GaWd yelled and screamed about assorted things. There were annoying kids on gocarts outside, and then some people went upstairs and had sex, but since it was their house we thought it would be rude to complain; we ate their cheesecake instead. Oh yeah, and Demo left the rubbermaid tub too close to the grill and it got all melted and weepy-lookin, it was cool, heh heh.

::: sighs dramatically :::

Well, I’m glad you all had a good time. I swear, I’ll be at the next Dopefest. Or I’ll die trying.

voguevixen shared: And Baglady, the pins/buttons are so neat! Thanks to you as well.
You’re very welcome, voguevixen! I’m glad there was a positive response. With your okay I’d love to add your seal of approval in my sig!! :D:D:D

Oh. My. God.

Can I have a button? Please? Even though I missed the BBQ? I really, really, really wanted to go. Damn work for interfering with my plans.

Baglady left all of the extras at Demo’s house. So you’ll need to talk to him. He gets to decide how to distribute them.

First off, I must thank Vince and Shannon for allowing Pat and I to stay the weekend at their house. They were THE best hosts. I felt quite comfortable and at home in their house. They really were exceptional. Thank you two so much for that, I really do appreciate it.

And yes, the food was great, the drinks were well stocked, and the company was fantastic. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend. Anyway, thank all of you who came , it was great hanging out with you all.

And a special thanks to Baglady for the buttons. Good job!

Crap. That post was mine. I swear I’ll get used to living with another Doper eventually. :smiley:

Anyway, kyla, of course you can have a pin. Just send a SASE, along with $50 S & H to: :wink:


You are most welcome. You and Pat made for a lot of laughs. I wonder how Pat’s intestines are holding up after eating that habanero stuffed olive… (BTW, he was still cookied into IE this morning. The temptation was almost overwhelming!)

I’m glad we made you guys laugh.Hehe, i’m surprised he did as well as he did with that olive. Now you see why I didnt try it. Besides, I think i might have been a danger on the road with that pepper fighting with the stomach acids for control. Anyway, better he than I to be cookied into IE. You might have done something if it were me.

They would have cut the crust off of my bread if I would have asked.

I thank you both much. I had a wonderful time. You guys are able to make your house feel so comfortable and welcome, it was like staying at a house of people I have known for years.
(Much, like the people I have known for years, often I would hear whispers… “When will he leave?”)

The whole weekend was spectacular. I enjoyed meeting everyone at the BBQ. Plus, I got to show off my fancy art skills for the Web Cam.

So, let me sum up by saying. You guy’s are great. Thanks ever so much. But, you can’t have my stash.


But just to be clear:

Baglady was the artiste behind the fine naked lady drawing.