BBQ At Demo's house!

OK BAD’s. Demo is planning (read: me and pat want him to) to have a BBQ at his house sometime in August. He told me I could start this thread, and that he’d also supply a keg. What weekends work for everyone during that month? I absolutely cannot do it around the 25th i believe (Older brother is having his wedding then, and i am an usher for that). I’ll find out more definite info on that one, but I believe that’s correct.

Anyway, lets get some input here. It’s going to be practically a year since the last one. Demo also lives up in Santa Rosa. If my poor ass is going to make the trip ALL the way from Monterey, the distance had better NOT deter some of you knuckleheads away! (It’s a 4hr drive with Marin traffic for me).

I believe at this point it is important to point out that my birthday is August 11th.


Whenever’s cool with me… I work Sundays, so a Saturday would be preferable.

Now, where the heck is Santa Rosa? I’m in San Jose… if that helps any.

Rasa, Santa Rosa is about an hour north of San Francisco on the 101. (I think that is how long it took us, we hit some traffic.)

Early in the month is best for me, I think Jacky Batty’s birthday works for me, as does the 4th. Last year’s was also on the first weekend of August, so it does have some precedence.

Anyway, this will be a blast. I especially can’t wait to see the kids, last year I scored some Pokemon cards. This year I am shooting for comic books. Heh. No, they are just fun kids, they add to the blast a weekend in Santa Rosa is.


I’m for it. What can I bring?

I’ll even ditch the kid and hubby and come alone. :smiley:

Hey Rasa, wanna carpool? I’ll bring the convertible!

Doobie, why don’t you drag Demo down to L.A. so us unfortunate few can defile him as well?

Here’s a reson beside’s to bro’s wedding to not have it the 25th (even though it seems the beginning of the month is preferred): I go back to school on the 27th! Yuck, hell no will I have a fun fun weekend and then have to go back to classes :). I Just had to share that.

The first two weekends work for me. I think the 11th would be way cool, cause then we could celebrate jack’s b-day (since i always miss his impromptu get togethers when he needs company). But, the 4th works for me as well.

And merc: I’d drag him down to LA, but i dont know if Pat’s apartment has room for me, demo, and psy on the couch, and i dont think they want to sleep with me (though i’m not sure about demo :smiley: (Hi demo!)).

Sue, if you have any BBQ specialty items you want to bring, or some kind of dish, dont hesitate to bring it along. I think obfus and baggie brough sausages along to the last one (really good ones too). No real need to worry about the alcohol as demo and psy supplied enough of that last year :wink: (but if you want to bring something, by all means, do).

Sue: Sounds like a plan! I just drove by your house the other day cuz I was on my way to the store and realized I forgot my wallet so I turned down the street to turn around. I waved, but the cars didn’t wave back. Rude cars! :wink:

I’m in. Earlier in the month is better for me too. Tell me what to bring. :slight_smile:

Hey BAD’s! I KNOW you want to chill at demo’s! Get yer asses in here and post, damn it!

Count me in. The farther away from September the better.

I won’t be able to make it on the first weekend, but the 11th and beyond will work.

Hmm looks like the 11th is looking better and better. I’ll wait for a few more responses before posting a definite date. Woody? Where are you?

I can make it whenever. Yee-haw.

My presents don’t have to be too expensive. Somewhere in the $100 to $200 range is fine.


I wish i could go. Demo’s dreamy. sigh


Ok, looks like the 11th it is. Jack’s B-day, happy fun at demo’s! Yay! Ahhhh the last one was wonderful, i am glad to have it happen again. So, mark your calendars, people!

Let me know if you want something for the grill.

I’ll request the 11th off work tomorrow. I missed last years barbeque, no way am I going to make that mistake twice! And hooray for North Bay Dopefests…can we have more of these?