Beantown mini-Dopefest, anyone?

I’ve missed what few Boston Dopefests there have been, mostly because they have been at inconvenient times, but I’d still like to meet you all.

Any chance of a weeknight dinnerfest, say, on a Tuesday or Thursday, say, at Durgin Park or something similar?

Hrmm, that sounds like a possiblity. I work in Cambridge, so I could get anywhere in the city fairly easily.

Sounds good, and I’ve never been to Durgin Park. We’ve had some ideas in another thread how we might boost attendance this time.

I’d prefer some night other than Thursday; that’s my poker night.

Really, any night is fine, as long as it’s not the weekend. But Tuesday would be best for me then.

You’ll love Durgin Park, but I’m not married to the idea.

Could be fun with just three of us, but the more the merrier.

Consider this my free bump.

[hijack]tdn, I’ve been hoping to see you over in the picture thread. If you were waiting for an invitation, this is it!

Dang, I thought you were offering to attend our get-together.

OOO I dont work tuesdays, and I love Durgan Park …

im in, if it is tuesday or wednesday [just not 4th july]

Want to shoot for the 11th? That’ll give us time to get a few more attendees.

tdn, thanks for pointing me to this thread. Tuesday the 11th works for me. I work near downtown, so I think I could be there any time after about 5:30 pm.

Alright! This actually might happen!

11th works for me also - durgan park?

Tuesdays and Thursdays are out for me. I have class. Weekends are out for me. I work. Mondays and Wednesdays are a possibility, but there’s the possibility I may be braindead by that point.

Try me after the summer. Well, then fall term starts, and I’m even busier.

I’m graduating in June. Hit me up then :slight_smile:

Uh, Pammipoo, this is June.

I could make it on the 11th.

And this thread was in danger of slipping off the first page again. lorene, pictures, quickly.

I meant NEXT June…we’re close enough to July for me to consider the month gone :slight_smile:

Between work school and sleep, I don’t have a whole lot of spare time.


We can either go ahead with the 11th and plan on meeting you next year, or we can pick a different date. What would work for you?

So whaddaya sayin’ about the rest of us? :dubious: :wink:

The 11th, huh? I promise nothing, but I’ll try to make it. It sounds fun.

What time should we get together? I’ll probably just head over after work and get there around 5:30, but I don’t mind having a few drinks while I wait if others can’t get there 'till later.

I can make it!

Cool! This is turning into a real party!

My guess would be 6ish, or maybe 6:30. The thing is, though, if we’re not all sat at the same time, they’ll refuse to seat the newcomers. I love that restaurant, but that’s one really stupid rule they have.