Bears Season Tickets

Approximately how much are Chicago Bears season tickets going for these days? I went to their web site to check on ticket availability (Not yet, they start sales Saturday at 10:00am) and I followed the link to the Season Ticket Waiting List Form. It costs $100 a seat to just get on the list. That’s ok, I can swing $200. But once my number comes up, what’s the going rate like?

Individual game tickets are $45-315. So take that number, times 10 (there are 2 home preseason games), and you get a nice even $450-$3150. Maybe add in tax, and there was also something about a “seat license” which is a premium that teams can get away with charging. Okay, the PSL is only for some seats, you can get $45, $55 and $65 seats without the PSL.