Beauty contest do more good than harm?

Just as the title goes, that’s a debate topic…
Any view?

Harm to whom?

Standard (adult) beauty contests, if entered into openly and willingly, can simply be a bit of fun for those involved, and no harm done. This would of course suggest that all who enter are willing contestants and no other agendas are in place. Although books like Copland’s ‘Miss Wyoming’ certainly show a darker side of these events, and show why the perpetuation of beauty contests for minors is certainly a damaging phenomenon and something that could potentially cause psychological hurt to participants who couldn’t possibly give informed consent.

If you mean a ‘contest’ in wider society terms, then that’s a very different issue. The ‘beautiful people’ DO get a societal advantage, due to human nature. Education (and legislation) in this area has levelled the playing field somewhat in employment terms, but we still do have an inherent biological urge to favour those who we find more physically attractive in certain situations, whether we know better not to, or not. (although intellectually attractiveness is perhaps now a close second and can soon overcome the initial ‘beauty’ preferences laid down by evolutionary urges)

Wow - I see on re-reading I totally misread the title and you are advocating the opposite of what I though. Points still stand, but I may have hit this from the wrong angle straight out the gate - sorry! [/edit]

Does getting strangers on the internet to do your homework for you do more harm than good?

Is this really the sort of homework questions pupils get in the US? Bit random. Glad I replied to an imagined question rather than the actual one, then, if so! :slight_smile:

I think they do more harm than good, especially ones involving children, but there are so many more things that are worse that I don’t get too worked up about them. I get more worked up about the haters who use them to some how justify a misandrist agenda.

It’s not about the topic itself but the ability to make a persuasive argument.

OP, why don’t you tell us what YOU think.

That’s not my homework. I’ve said it’s a debate(I mean debate contest).so, I just wanna know if there is any other view. It’s impossible for me to Ctrl+C+Ctrl+V for argumentaion.
If someone asks me what about some bad unwritten rules, how should I answer him back?(He will say we can get the conclution(against) from this aspect.) Similarly, he can also bring in that there are some standard-lacking small contests and this is also unfair.(things like that)

What’s more important, how can I define the concept of “beauty” scrupulously?What kind of beauty do we need to get by holding such a contest ?