Beaver Shot! (No, not what you're probably thinking)

This is a golf story.

I was playing a course in Ontario today. The course wasn’t crowded, so it was just me out there. I teed off on the 10th hole. My ball went nicely, far down the fairway, and bounced over a little ridge in the fairway. No problem; I’ll see it when I get past the ridge.

And I did, but it was being guarded by a beaver! The beaver was looking at my ball, then when I came in sight, at me. The beaver wasn’t moving.

I backed up a bit. The beaver shuffled around. I backed up a little more. The beaver finally started moving, and ambled off across the fairway.

I could step forward and hit my ball. But then it occurred to me–what if my tee shot had hit the beaver? Poor thing! But it also occurred to me that I have a great story about a beaver shot. :wink:

I ddin’t think it’d involve golf, but I figured that the story was about the animal. (And yes, normally I DO have a dirty mind) :smiley:

I had to make up some elective credits in college so I signed up for a golf class (cheap and worth 3 credits to make up for a couple I lost in transfer). Never swung a club before that.

We met on a three-par in South Pasadena, and I actually got my ball *stuck in a tree *on the second time out on the actual course! Wedged tight right in a branch. I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me it could happen.

I did not play thru.

Hah, I can imagine the beaver going “WTF?! Who threw that?” and waiting for you to show up, finally deciding he didn’t want to mess with you. :smiley:

Last year there were a few cases of rabies in beavers in Pennsylvania..

I was trying to find a news article rom a few years back in which a fisherman was attacked in the water. He went all Rambo on the animal, holding it underwater until it stopped struggling. It tested positive for rabies also.

Don’t worry, you weren’t in any danger. The beaver was only interested in your woods.

Thank Og! I was afraid you’d unloaded a clip into Jerry Mathers.

A few of the most notable animals I have seen golfing:

Alligators, Turkeys, deer, Fox, copperheads, cottonmouths, bobcats, eagles, snapping turtles, muskrats.

I have seen a beaver, at a pre-bachelor party.