Beck discovered a new thang. It's bad bad bad. WARNING! Shopper alert!

Browsing around the internet I found a company the makes giant hoodies.
They are literally called : ‘Giant Hoodie’,company.
I ordered one.
It came today.
It is possibly the best thing I’ve ever bought or owned. I’ve swiped alot of my kids shirts and hoodies. This is 100times better.
It’s soft. It’s not heavy. The color is nice. I see it being easily laundered.
I will now live in this hoodie. Thank you.
I ordered more. Everyone wants one around here. They can get their own.

Excuse me while I nap all cozy in my Giant Hoodie…zzZzzZ

Oh yeah. You can customize them. My sez ‘be bop a lula’

It also fits over my Cast and borg implants

Bigfoot called – he wants one, too!

How many dogs can you fit in it?

Two stinkin’ Chihuahuas fit nice in the front pocket

Yes, but then, you need to burn that hoodie, to get rid of the chihuahua stank.

That and they never be still. Makes for uncomfortable walking around.

I know your life is a Soap Opera, but you refer to your family as A Cast?

:grimacing: oops

Bear and Meeko are free!