Beck is unwell some more: first post 2022-05-06, last update 2022-05-10 (up and around)

I meant to add a smiley…:joy:

My go-to for itchiness from bites and other nefarious causes is LANACANE.

In his Army days, Sgt VOW taught the Advanced Course for NCOs. Part of the training included night classes. Sgt VOW used a flashlight and gave a mini-class in astronomy, so his students could always find North. He also doctored many mosquito bites on his students. Everyone wanted to know what that miracle stuff was! He told them two items you ALWAYS pack in your field goodie bag: Lanacane and Deep Woods OFF.

One guy asked him how much Lanacane cost? Sgt VOW said, “Oh, about $100 a tube!”

The guy said, “It’s so worth it!”


Hi @VOW , Lanacane is good stuff. I always forget that.

A pitbull showed up at the wrought iron fence around the jail yard. Cats were hissing and spitting. I told them all to get back. They can actually get thru the fencing.
(Ok, management you will hear from me. Get smaller wire fencing so the cats can’t get out.)
The pitbull had his head thru the bars. I think he was stuck.
I’m compassionate about all animals. But I wasn’t tempted to help him. He looks very mean. And snarly.
I got back to my room and called animal rescue. It’s basically a feeling of put him out of his misery not save him as much as get him out of here.
This city has a no tolerance for loose pitbulls. He’ll be euthanized.

I don’t like it. But it is what it is.

Well. My medlin’ done got me in trouble.
Cheryl the director of dialysis and this very rehab center came to my room.
She picked a bad time.
Just back from dialysis and lunch.
I was kinda crampy and uncomfortable.
She said, "Please, Mrs. Wrek don’t call authorities before informing me.
I apologized.

And she said workmen will be adding rabbit wire around the perimeter to keep the kitties as safe as possible.

To soothe her I told her I would donate my money (Well, Mr. Wreks money), to defray the cost. She seemed happy to hear that.

I told her the new cat needs to see the Vet. She just shook her head. And left.

Well, my work is done here.
Off to find the next thing to get into and meddle.

I’m exasperating, they tell me.:hugs:

You need a t-shirt that says: Exasperating!

It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!


If all meddlers were like you, we’d need a lot more of them!

Ok. This really takes the cake.

Earlier, right after eating I smelled a strong odor of chlorine. It was very strong. I went in the restroom turned on the exhaust thingy and called the director.
She came over and called the fire department. I left to the courtyard and gathered up the kitties. I told her to get the cat boxes. I got them in.
They’ve been transferring the sickest to the hospital. I’ve been in the courtyard for several hours. Son-of-a-wrek came over as soon as I called. He’s a volunteer firefighter and was working with the crews trying to figure out what’s going on. He told me to get to the farthest point in this courtyard with the cats. He donned a respirator and went in after my med bag.
He’s having a good time visiting with the firefighters and EMTs.

They’re gonna let me go on home since I’m due discharged tomorrow.


We’re leaving in a few. I feel like the gas is internal.

I hope they get the cats and old folks secure.
It’s just a hard to watch a grown woman having to be cold. It’s just wrong.

I’m never short of issues. They keep me close. And I love that.

Girl, you have more adventures in any single week than most people have in their entire lifetimes! It’s way past the point of coincidence – I think you have telekinetic powers that cause weird but entertaining things to happen, everything from attracting the romantic attentions of Arkansas state troopers to attracting the devoted love of small animals. :wink:

Very happy to hear you’re going home. Keep the stories coming! How is the menagerie? I trust they gave you a warm welcome home.

Exasperating, you say? So she used to be asperating and now no longer is? Somebody has to what, then, do the asperating thing or stop doing the asperating thing? No wonder stuff happens, with all this confusion.

Congrats on going home, Beck! Don’t let them pin the chlorine leak on you. :wink:

Glad to hear you are heading home.

Is there a pool at the rehab?

Depends on how well she hid the empty bleach jug.

Another congratulations / best wishes on flying that particular coop.

I absconded as soon as I could.
No one noticed I came home except pets.

There’s a therapy tub room. It smells like a swimming pool.

The PTB are blaming it on the laundry, I hear.

The director came over to Dialysis to see me. (Next door)
She said the cats are boarded for few days. All the patient’s are farmed out or at home.

See, Miss Director lady, meddlin’ helps sometimes. And other times it saves the day. So there!!

Anywhoo it’s my superpower!!


I’ve been known to be allergic to the universe, haunted, teeched, and just alittle bit nuts.

So I have all valid excuses.

How’s JoJo doing? I mean, how’re you doing Beck?


Oh, my.
Jojo is quite the acrobat, for one thing. Somersaults, and back flips, regularly.

He lives/loves to grab a Chihuahua and roll him over. Tiny as he is, he weighs more than they do.
And when he catches one up he never misses. They squeal like preteen girls, and the chase is on.

He’s still the noob so his relationships with the bigger dogs and the Siamese is not cemented.
Bayless would never hurt him. But he’s keeping his eye on him.

Betsy the Beagle is just happy she’s not on the lowest rung of the pecking order for awhile.

The pet’s do entertain me.
This was the first morning in an awful long time I was wakened by the Siamese wanting thier breakfast. Of course it was way too early. And, all the other pets made a trail behind me going down stairs.
Everyone got their food. All dogs went out for their morning constitutional. Jojo went to the garage to see Hari.

I sat on the deck and drank my juice and watched the pet’s play. Squirrels in the bird feeders. And my topsy-turvy world seems kinda ok.:blush:

So Hari has a new friend? That’s good - Clarence’s death was a blow.



– and Discus wants characters. OK, discus: Beck is a character. I’m glad she’s a happy one.

Better than underfoot going down the stairs. When I let KC (Kitty Cat) in it’s about fifteen seconds to the door then two minutes back as he cuts didoes at my feet.

Once in a while we get out of sync and he gets a good thump in the ribs – makes me feel bad.