Beck is unwell some more: first post 2022-05-06, last update 2022-05-10 (up and around)

OK, I love the name Walter, so now I really hope he gets to join the menagerie. And I’m so relieved Beck is doing OK. Thanks!

Walter will be staying at rehab. He’s a lovie love tho’

He’s solid white except one tabby orange patch on his head.
He’s gotta get vet care soon but he won’t have any trouble assimilated into the group here. They all are very friendly. He likes treats just like all cats love them.

I am settled here at rehab. Walking trying to build up my legs. The food is great.
The Lil Wrekker is off on a trip with Hamza. She’ll be home the weekend.
Mid-Dau is taking care of pets, homeschooling four Rugrats and cooking and cleaning.
Mr. Wrekker hired a cleaning service. They’re helping her. And me. I worry so.

But I feel loads better. My meds seem to be working. Dialysis was very tedious today. But I got thru it.

I think I’ll be fine.

Thx all for your lovely words of encouragement. It does help.

Love you all

Very good to see that!

Best news of the day.

so glad to see you post!

I’m glad our Beck is feeling better!

I’m glad that Kitty Walter still inhabits the gardens, and I do hope he gets care soon. Cats in residence are apparently a big part of Rehab, along with decent food.

But am I the only one glad that Hamza is back, and looking to maybe become a permanent fixture? (Look, the guy CLEANS bathrooms!)


I’ve always held your posts here on the SDMB in high esteem.
]Hoping that you will get better soon.

Kind regards,


Very glad you’re feeling better, Beck!

So…I’m having a pedicure.
Am I in rehab or a spa?

But the local nail salons work with the podiatrist and offer pedicures to patients here. I picked sparkly pink polish. Fun and games at rehab!!

I do dialysis later today. I have hope in my heart it goes well.

The Lil Wrekker comes in tomorrow. I’m kinda happy today.

Yay! Me.:hugs:

It’s good to hear that you’re feeling better. Sparkly pink toenails sound cool.

It is lovely that the rehab does that. Twinkle toes can give one a happiness boost.

It’s $.50 corn dog day at Sonic on the 19th, if you need a goal to get out.


Oh, WOW! I am gonna get some, somehow

Well, it’s a old one and way overused but… here’s one for Beck:

“Nature abhors a vacuum.”

So do my cats. :laughing:

Sunday sneak abouts in Rehab

I walked the halls very early. I was looking for CC cams and going in rooms that were empty.

I know, it’s worthless. Makes me happy just being up and moving. I found a utility room with lots of office supplies. Man oh, man. I wanted to swipe a giant box of post-it pads.
But, alas, I’m not a thief.

I found a coke machine. Don’t drink many sodas. But it’s nice to know cold water is available.

Got bored and went out to the jail yard and petted kitty cats.:hugs:

Back in bed. Eating my lunch. Waiting on visitors.

It’s a happy day.

B. Drooling over post-it notes in pretty neon colors🥺

Sometimes other people’s cats are the best - all the petting and love, but when they act up (or barf, so much barf) you don’t have to take care of it! But getting home to the house panthers is best, so be careful and get home soon Beck.

The best part of my job is ordering office supplies. So fun. We do have many fun colour of post its.

Good part of my day…out in the jail yard there’s a few skeeters.

One flew in my ear and bit me. The most horrible itching started immediately after I got the skeeter out(don’t ask how). it began itchy itchy itchy.
I told Nurse floozy-woozy and she got a Q-tip and Benadryl cream.
OMG! The most satisfying use of Q-tips, ever! Wow! Ear massages feel good.
I told her so after I gave her my Mom’s rule: 'Never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow!"

She also told me Animals talk at Midnight on Christmas Eve. That turned out false. (Don’t ask how I know), but I digress…

I’ve decided my next ‘get rich’ scheme is an ‘Ear massage salon’.
I’ll be rich in a few months.
Yep I’ll be down in Rio sunning myself on the beach.
I’ll send postcards.

“Wish you were here!”

But the corndog thing, Beck…

Hey! Don’t harsh on my get rich daydreams.

BTW, I never put corndogs in my ears. There’s more pleasant places to stick them🤗.
(Get your dirty mind outta the gutter.)