Beck is unwell some more: first post 2022-05-06, last update 2022-05-10 (up and around)

Or getting the colonoscope through you?

Mike-this Beckys middle daughter.
She asked me to find your email and send you a message.
She had a grande mal seizure Sunday morning.
They ran a couple of tests and nothing is telling them why. Her pump is working correctly.
They did scans today and sent her on to Rehab. She’s relatively happier there.

She weak and sleepy alot.
But I think tomorrow she should start becoming more aware.
She said she would post or PM you when she feels able to make sense.


:candle: :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle:

Thanks for letting us know, @dropzone. I wish she could get off this rollercoaster so she could revel in the love of Wrekks, critters, and her many far-flung friends.

This time she has me worried. Say a prayer or two.

Saying lots of them tonight. Thank you for keeping us informed, @dropzone.

This atheist (or maybe I’m agnostic, who knows) is nevertheless sending lots of prayers for this wonderful person who loves all creatures great and small, and has made so many friends here.

Hang in there, Beck! We need you.

I did some research. Seizures during dialysis are not unheard of and can be caused by something called dialysis disequilibrium syndrome…something about urea…something-something…levels. And the fact they’ve sent her to rehab is reassuring.

I’m still worried. And praying hard.

She will at least be fed better at Rehab!

Beck, Dear, we all here care SO much!


Please add me to all of this.


I wonder if we could think her better, like we stickied evilbeth’s baby?


<back to work, thinking healthy thoughts at Beck>

I hope it works. The Dope wouldn’t be the same without our bad, bad, bad Becks.

We ALL have to do it.

Good spirits, up walking around. Anticipates returning to home soon.

That’s excellent news, Gato – thank you for sharing it!

CLL: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia. My sister and my cousin both had that.

Get your Scorecards handy!

The Power Vaccuum left by the adoption of Jojo has left an opening for a new ‘Third Cat’ in the Rehab courtyard.

Any bets on how long until Walter (you’ll find out) ends up at the zoo that is Wrex’s home???

Please hang in there, Beck and fuck those bad, bad, bad seizures!

Hoping for more (perhaps even, moar?) @Beckdawrek back with us as soon as safely possible.