Beckdawrek has a bad, bad, bad hair appointment(or how my hair is still long)

Hey, I’m with you. I haven’t been in a barber shop since, well, I guess since I started high school. Which is more than 40 years ago.

I wouldn’t say I “panic,” and tt isn’t so much the cutting that bothers me. But I can’t stand someone fussing around my head and touching me. I can cut my own hair – every six months or so I chop a few inches off the ponytail – but I definitely can’t handle the idea of sitting in the barber’s chair and getting a haircut.

So I don’t.

We need a support group for people who hate haircuts.

Yes! I need that support group!

A friend told me that her way of dealing with haircut anxiety was going to an expensive place and tipping them very well. That struck me as even more anxiety-provoking!

I knew I wasn’t alone in this. You know I have dental anxiety too. But you have to do that. You don’t have go to salons and barbershops. I don’t know about y’all but I have a limited amount of anxiety to spread around. I like to save it up for the big stuff.

Not about cutting hair, but definitely about coloring hair. My wife of many, many years has for decades worn rather short blond hair. Blond only because of discoveries in the chemical industry.

Well, she decided the other day that she was tired of continually coloring it, and was by golly going to let it grow grey. I immediately thought that this was a bad mistake, as grey hair will add decades to her apparent age. However, being an old married man, I early on learned that a great way to get into bad trouble is to give unasked advice on things of this nature, so I kept my mouth firmly shut.

So the next week the time for shampooing and coloring came and went, and no hair dye was used. Then in about two or three weeks it became obvious that her natural hair color was not blond, but definitely a rather lifeless grey. This went on for about two more days, and then one morning I smelled the familiar smell of chemical hair coloring emanating from the bathroom, and we are now back to normal. I am very glad that this occurred, as she looks much better as a blond, even one with some wrinkles. So the crisis has passed, and I didn’t have to say a word!

Yep. Mr.Wrekker knows better than to answer those questions too. He just nods and smiles. Boy, I’m glad he does. I don’t need to be mad as well as anxious.

My solution to not liking the chit chat is to go to a vietnamese hairdresser, the only English she has is “cut short?” and “ten dollar”. It has been about 12 years now. She doesn’t do appointments, you walk in and take a seat when you feel like having a cut which is much better for someone who dislikes the process.

Good luck, I hate people touching my head but my hair is ridiculously uncontrollable if left to grow.

Hey! You know what they need? Laughing gas at salons! I have no phobia about dentists and have even fallen asleep in the chair. But people with dental anxiety have told me how much laughing gas helps. Of course, you’d need someone licensed to administer it, and I don’t know about driving afterward.

Sigh. Maybe they should just offer piña coladas.