Been invited to a coronation party on Friday. Anyone else?

The hosts are liberals from Chicago. I am sure it is a czarcasm. Gotta go.

Anyone else have happenings on Friday?

Nope. But I will be doing the march in downtown Chicago on Saturday morning.

I might go skiing, if its not snowing too hard. Or rebuilding my log splitter if my part gets here.

In a similar vein, I have been invited to a wake for the United States on Friday.

This gives rise to an idea in my rusty brain.

What if, as an act of protest, folks lined up on the parade route and, as Trump passes by, kneel and do an extreme kowtow (they’d have to be in front to be seen). I have to wonder how Trump would react, how he would spin it on Twitter.

I’m sure it’s too late to set anything up for the inauguration, but there will be other chances in the future. Folks could even do this at Trump Tower or wherever the big golden mooncalf is staying at the time. Maybe organize it like a flash mob; it might start small but it could catch on.

Well, I can dream.

Me too, I’ll see you there. :wink:

Go Chicago!

Illinois didn’t vote for Trump. Wish I was there!

Tomorrow I’m wearing the same all back outfit I wore after Election Day (at least this time I won’t have a killer hanger) and Saturday I’m wearing the female POTUS I wore on Election Day. I have to work both days; thought we’ll probably be closed on Saturday if a nuclear war breaks out.

I’ll be working and not where I’ll be hearing TV or radio. Thanks be to God!

For us, this marks the end of an 8 year nightmare. Obama’s gone, and AFAIK there are no Clintons in office anywhere. So we’re sure as hell partying. Yesterday I had the dockhands fill the boat tanks to the very top, and we’ll be out celebrating and generally whooping it up. I’ve got a big American flag for the forward mast, good cold (American) beer, and everything from Lee Greenwood to Jimmy Buffet to blast over the sound system. It’ll be music, celebration, everyone toasting each other, all with the soundtrack of Detroit iron roaring beneath the deck. I told my wife I’d try to keep the speed over the AGCF* mark for most of the time, just for the hell of it.

*Al Gore’s Carbon Footprint - I have it marked on the speedometer. :slight_smile:

Snap to attention, “L” to the forehead, Nazi salute.

Everyone’s plans for the wake are wear black and drink heavily.

Well, aren’t you just the special little guy.

So will Trump’s supporters be partying, or will they be lining up to get back the guns that Obama took from them?

I am wearing all black today and will not watch any of the crap on TV nor read about it on the net. It’s a sad day for me.

Me too. Dopefest!

Any more room on that boat?

Oops. Sorry
We were already enroute I think when you posted. Things went OK, but I had to take down the flag due to winds (high speed into the wind was bending the masthead).

Is it Sunday already? Where’d I put the Ibuprofen? :smiley:

It was a great party.

Complete with a piñata of Trump. Which was clobbered, rapidly.