Beer and Fruit Loops

There is very little else better thyan drinking cold beer and eating Fruit Loops right from the box. Unless I am also watchig Rocky and Bulwinkle.
Don’t argue with me or this will get bumped to IMHO.

That is so very no.

ahem I think you’re probably talking about Froot Loops, so named not just because the alternative spelling bumps the “o” count up to a pleasing four, but also because Froot Loops contain no actual fruit. Indeed, Froot Loops have never been within 10 feet of actual fruit until you nestle them into your shopping cart next to the bananas.

What kind of beer was it? I could maybe see cereal going with a sweeter beer like Red Stripe. If you were drinking Guinness or Newcastle or something, well, may god have mercy on your soul.

I spent two years in Europe so I am kind of spoiled for beer. I like Killians Irish Red. I would love to taste the beer I had in Hungary. Froot Loops were hard to come by there.

hmm, been a few years since I’ve had Pilsner Urquel, Fruit Loops or watched Rocky and Bulwinkle, but I do believe you could be right.

I know a few folks who lived in Germany and used beer instead of milk on cereal because of expense. Not on Frood Loops tho.

I had fruit loops in America
I hope the inventor has a day named after him/her


The beer that I loved best in Hungary was called Dreher Pils. I can’t find it anywhere in California.
Europa dopers, please have one for me.

Froot Loops and beer?

See a doctor.

With a username like mine, I feel almost honor bound to post in any thread concerning beer. However, this thread made me seriously question my resolve on that matter.

Those seem like contradictory statements to me. But at least it’s not Miller Lite you’re admitting to.

I prefer Cheerios with my beer. Or perhaps Honeycombs. But Froot Loops?I don’t know. Doesn’t sound too good, but I may have to try it. You never know…

Personally, I munch on Frosted Flakes straight out of the box with my beer. Had some this weekend, as a matter of fact.

Ugh. I hate lambics.

I hope you didn’t mean a dark beer, that’s more of a coco puffs thing. :smiley:

Homebrew, the original, and AFAIK discontinued, Killians Red Ale was quite different than the Killian’s Red Lager they sell now. The original had a distinct flavor of roasted grain while the stuff they have now is rather ordinary.

No no no.



I was just going to pretend I never saw, much less READ this thread, but I must admit I have had Sam Adams Boston lager and key lime pie.

Comic Book Guy

Worst taste EVER.

Comic Book Guy

The stage play: Lone Star has the main character eating Baby Ruths and Mars Bars with his beer.
The singular is Mar Bar.

MGB and Godivas.

Believe it or not, Froot Loops actually do contain some real fruit-like ingredients:

(immediately after “reduced iron” and before “red #40” :eek: )