Beer Chips

So stocked on an end cap last night in the liquor store were three different types of chips all made by a company called…Beer Chips. I like beer and I like salty munchies to go with my baseball watching so I grabbed a bag.

Holy crap, these are the best potato chips I’ve ever had in my life. They’re not beer flavored, they’re just made with beer. They flavor is mostly like a salty honey, in the best salty sweet way possible. They’re thick kettle cut chips with a heavy dose of flavoring. They also had Spicy Bloody Mary and a Margarita one too. I’m definately going to bet getting more of these. I had a few, but when my girlfriend got home we tore the bag to shreds.

Mmmm… Beer chips!

Yeah, those are good. Funny thing was, after I bought them, before I tried them, I saw on the bag that they were sweetened. I thought to myself, I want beer taste, not sweetness, and in fact likely would not have picked them up if I saw that before.

But after tasting them, I realized the sweetness made them the most awesome chips ever. I only tasted beer when I first put on in my mouth, even before chewing. It’s only a faint beer taste, and as soon as I chewed it was gone.