Beer through a straw

Is it true what they say about getting more druck more quickly if you drink beer through a straw? If so why?

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This question was asked recently.

What the fuck is druck?

I realize I could have asked without profanity, but I’m a sucker for rhyming.

Why don’t you try it this weekend and report back?

The very first time I got loaded was drinking beer through a straw. I had just gone to Burker King, drank my soda, then, rinsed the cup out and filled up from the keg. I put the plastic top back and put the straw in and went to town. That was about twenty five years ago and have never drank that way again so, I couldn’t say for sure if there’s any difference.

Since this has been discussed so recently, I’ll close this thread and direct further comment to the earlier one, linked to above by KneadToKnow