Before they did Burger King ads

I’m sure that we’ve all seen Steve Harvey pushing off Whoppers on us and D.L. Hughley’s comedy sitcom on, well, some station. Well, I just watched this awesome DVD at my buddy’s place the other day, “Before They Were Kings,” that has these guys totally busting it out before the Burger King. Man, some of the material is so funny – it even has Chris Rock before “Head of State,” although his standup stuff is still great, no question.

Take it easy,
B. esq.

“Yeah, that’s me alright” :cool:

I have never enjoyed Steve Harvey’s standup. From what little I’ve seen of him, he seems like a nice fellow, but I can’t connect with his act.

And it really is a black/white thing. I’m a white yuppie who grew up in the 'burbs.

This doesn’t mean I can’t connect with urban black comedy. It is just the way Harvey does it is different than Rock, Murphey, Prior or Fox.

Those guys talk about urban life, but assume their audience is a bunch of affluent white folk.

Harvey’s comedy always struck as going straight to urban black audiences.

His punchlines often require a type of world experience I just don’t have. I’d sit there and laugh (because he has a great delivery style), but I really didn’t get the joke.

Maybe, but I think Harvey’s material is still pretty good regardless of race.

Although, I do agree with you, guys like Rock really hit all audiences. He’s really taken the throne that has been occupied by guys like Prior and Murphy. His standup material has always been great, esp. Bigger & Blacker and his new one Never Scared.