Being a grown-up is no fun.

Grown ups have to do things like fix the collapsed sewage line instead of buying toys. Grown ups don’t get to sleep in. Grown ups get to stay up as late as they want, and then are incapable of catching the end of the evening news.

Not only do they have to pay for the collapsed sewage line, but they have to clean the backed-up sewage out of the basement. And the money that will now be going to the sewage line replacement was already earmarked for the replacement of the gutters. Gutters are also much less fun than toys. It’s a double insult.

I would like to know where I can turn in my grown up membership card.

Grownups can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Grownups feel guilty when they take a sick day.

Yes, but then we tend to grow OUT! :eek:

  • “Jack”

Adults can’t just say, “I’m sorry.” and make everything all right.

This grownup always actually gets sick if she calls in sick and isn’t really.

Bacon any time you want. :smiley:

You get to legally a) drink and b) watch porn on the Internet. That’s something. :smiley:

Also, when you have your own place, you can leave your room as messy as you want.

No way, I never ever want to go back to my childhood. Somebody else controlling my life? Telling me what to do, who to see, where to go?

I’ll just avoid the whole collapsed sewage line by not buying a house. Oh landlord!

Tell me about it. I want to sleep in Saturday? My business. I want to spend all weekend playing computer games? No one will yell at me for wasting my time. I do my chores mostly when I feel like doing them; not when someone else is insisting they get done.

Being an adult ROCKS! I haven’t eaten liver and onions for 35 years (take that, Mom and Dad!). If I have to clean raw sewage up every decade or so, I think I’m still ahead in *that *exchange. And I’ll take on house maintenance in exchange for a place where I can do whatever I want and nothing stops me except the laws of chemistry and physics.

I think the part of adulthood that sucks so badly is the part with all the things you HAVE to do in it (replace sewer lines, go to work, floss your teeth, etc.). The rest is pretty cool.

I’m with the pro-grown up crowd. I decide what to eat, what to wear, and what to do with my free time. I have the ability to earn money and decide how I spend it. I can have sex and drink beer. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” Put more prosaically, if I eat nothing but Oreos for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s nobody else’s damn business. Having to pay bills and cope with home repairs is so worth it compared to the pay-off.

Ahhh, College…

Going back to it in January and still missing 2 years to finish.

I´ll have fun for y´all

This was my thought on Tuesday. All in one day I got to figure out how the hell I was going to vote (there was some miscommunication at the DMV when I went to change my address…), figure out health insurance for when I finally go off my dad’s in December, find a therapist for my mom, and figure out how I was going to convince my mom that she is actually the poster child for depression and maybe going to talk to someone would be a good idea even if it’s just to humor her daughters.

I felt like I spent the entire day on the phone getting stuff figured out. On the plus side, I will be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election, I will have insurance once I go off my dad’s in December, and my mother has agreed to talk to this rather nice sounding therapist I found near her. It sucks being a grownup, but it’s kind of neat to get things done.

Until the doctor tells you you’re going to die of a heart attack before you’re 50 if you don’t stop.

Hmmm, I 'm guessing you don’t have kids.

I quite like being a grown up. I am sitting here playing online, watching Law & Order and eating sloppy joes and there isn’t anyone around to tell me I should be doing dishes instead. I can live anywhere I want, work anywhere I want, eat anything I want, and spend time with anyone I want without checking in with anyone first. Having to pay my own bills sucks sometimes but it is a pretty decent trade-off.

That, too, is part of adulthood - I chose not to have any.

My parents can’t make me do anything. All they can do is strongly suggest I do something. Yay!

And I can eat cheese and crackers for dinner and not be nagged for not having meat and three.

I can vote!